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Date of Birth ( 1946.12.31
Place of Birth: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Profession | Occupation: Accountant
Federal Political Experience
Years of Service: 5468 Days (14 years, 11 months, 20 days)
^ House of Commons
ConstituencyPolitical Affiliation at ElectionDate of Election (
Edmonton--St. Albert, Alberta Conservative 2006.01.23 Elected
Edmonton--St. Albert, Alberta Conservative 2004.06.28 Elected
St. Albert, Alberta Canadian Alliance 2000.11.27 Elected
St. Albert, Alberta Reform 1997.06.02 Elected
St. Albert, Alberta Maiden speech. Reform 1993.10.25 Elected

^ Parliamentary Group
PartyTerm (
Conservative 2003.12.23 - 2008.10.13
Canadian Alliance 2000.03.27 - 2003.12.22
Reform 1993.10.25 - 2000.03.26

^ Offices and Roles as a Parliamentarian

Area of ResponsibilityTerm (
Procurement Review 2004.01.22 - 2004.07.21
Public Accounts 2002.04.04 - 2004.07.21
Public Accounts 2000 - 2001.12.17
Public Accounts 1994 - 1994.09
Treasury Board 1994 - 2002.04.03

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Selected Publications This bibliography includes books, chapters in books and journal articles written, edited, compiled or translated solely by the parliamentarian or with others.

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^ Sole Author Articles

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    Diplomat & International Canada. p. 5 Nov./Dec. 2002.

  • International meeting of parliamentarians against corruption.
    Canadian Parliamentary Review. 25 (3):13-15 Autumn 2002.

  • Le Parlement et la démocratie au XXIe siècle : le Parlement, l'aboutissement de la responsabilité redditionnelle.
    Revue parlementaire canadienne. 26 (4):2- hiver 2003/2004.

  • Parliament and democracy in the 21st century: Parliament as the pinnacle of accountability.
    Canadian Parliamentary Review. 26 (4):2- Winter 2003/2004.

  • Réunion des parlementaires contre la corruption.
    Revue parlementaire canadienne. 25:13-15 automne 2002.

^ Multiple Authors Books

  • Measuring quality of life: the use of societal outcomes by parliamentarians. Bennett, Carolyn, Donald Lenihan, John Williams and William Young
    Ottawa : Library of Parliament = Bibliothèque du Parlement; Centre for Collaborative Government; 2001. 26 p.

  • Mesurer la qualité de vie : l'utilisation des retombées sociales par les parlementaires . Bennett, Carolyn, Donald Lenihan, John Williams et William Young
    Ottawa : Bibliothèque du Parlement = Library of Parliament; Centre pour la collaboration gouvernementale; 2001. 25 p.


  • These ladies get cooking! [They've earned their Spring break] [Happy Victoria Day!] [Ain't he sweet?] [Traditions, family and community, old and new]. Williams, John, Mary Hytainen, Naden Hewko and Leanne Poncia
    Our Canada. 1 (3):40 May/June 2004.


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