COLBY, The Hon. Charles Carroll, P.C.
Picture of COLBY, The Hon. Charles Carroll, P.C.
William James Topley
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Source: Library and Archives Canada, PA 025687
Date of Birth ( 1827.12.10
Place of Birth: Derby, Vermont, United States
Deceased Date ( 1907.01.10 (79 years old)
Profession | Occupation: Author, lawyer
Federal Political Experience
Years of Service: 8548 Days (23 years, 4 months, 26 days)
^ House of Commons
ConstituencyPolitical Affiliation at ElectionDate of Election (
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1891.03.05 Defeated
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1889.12.18
Stanstead, Quebec Resignation. Appointed President of the Privy Council. Liberal-Conservative 1887.02.22 Elected
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1882.06.20 Elected
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1878.09.17 Elected
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1874.01.22 Elected
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1872.10.12 During the general election of 1872, elections in the constituencies were held at various times between 1872-07-20 and 1872-10-12. Elected
Stanstead, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1867.09.20 During the general election of 1867, elections in the constituencies were held at various times between 1867-08-07 and 1867-09-20. Elected

^ Parliamentary Group
PartyTerm (
Liberal-Conservative 1889.12.18 - 1891.03.04
Liberal-Conservative 1867.09.20 - 1889.11.27

^ Offices and Roles as a Parliamentarian

PortfolioTerm (
President of the Privy Council 1889.11.28 - 1891.04.30

Deputy Speaker

PortfolioTerm (
Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees of the Whole of the House of Commons 1887.05.11 - 1889.11.27

^ Committees - House of Commons
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^ Committees - Joint
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Selected Publications This bibliography includes books, chapters in books and journal articles written, edited, compiled or translated solely by the parliamentarian or with others.

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^ Sole Author Books

  • Parliamentary government in Canada: a lecture read before the Law School of Bishop's College, Sherbrooke.
    Montreal : Dawson Brothers; 1886. 61 p.


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