LANGDON, Steven W., B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
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Date of Birth ( 1946.07.15
Place of Birth: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Profession | Occupation: Economist, journalist, professor
Selected Publications This bibliography includes books, chapters in books and journal articles written, edited, compiled or translated solely by the parliamentarian or with others.

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^ Sole Author Books

  • Canadian private direct investment and technology marketing in developing countries .
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  • Pain, hope, and anger: interim report of the New Democrat economic recovery tour, June 20, 1991 .
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  • Political economy of capitalist transformation; central Canada from the 1840's to the 1870's.
    Thesis -- Carleton University; 1972. 410 leaves.

  • La présence des sociétés canadiennes dans le Tiers Monde : investissements directs et diffusion de la technologie .
    Ottawa : Conseil économique du Canada; c1980. vii, 62 p.

  • Universities.
    [Ottawa] : NDP Resolutions Committee; 1969. 14 p.

Chapters in Books

  • Canada's role in Africa.
    In: A foremost nation: Canadian foreign policy and a changing world / edited by Norman Hillmer and Garth Stevenson. Toronto : McClelland and Stewart; 1977. p. 178-201.

  • NEPAD and the renaissance of Africa.
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  • Canadians, too, can act like economic imperialists.
    Saturday Night. 89:20-22 Jan. 1974.

  • Finding the future.
    Our Times: Canada's Independent Labour Magazine. 8(4):16-17 June 1989.

  • Foreign capital is good for you-all, says Trudeau.
    Maclean's. 84:6 June 1971.

  • Technology transfer by multinational corporations in Africa: effects on the economy .
    Development and Peace. 1:164-178 Autumn 1980.

^ Sole Editor / Compiler / Translator Books

  • Introduction to economic development / [edited by] S. Langdon.
    Ottawa : S. Langdon; 1975. 24 p.

^ Multiple Authors Books

  • A time to choose Canada: the New Democrats' trade option. Langdon, Steven and Bill Blaikie
    Ottawa : New Democrats ; 1988. 59 leaves.

  • C'est le moment de choisir le Canada : l'option commerciale des Néo-démocrates . Langdon, Steven et Bill Blaikie
    [Ottawa] : Néo-démocrates ; 1988. 60 f.

  • Dans l'interêt du public : la valeur des services publics; sous la direction de Ed Finn; introduction par Mel Watkins. Langdon, Steven, Judy Rebick, Rosemary Warskett
    1re éd. Prescott, Ont. : Éditions Voyageur; 1995 c1994. 128 p.

  • Employment and import penetration in the European textile industry . Langdon, Steven W., Ronald A. Meng and Peter I. Ozo-Eson
    Thunder Bay, Ont. : Dept. of Economics, Lakehead University; [1983]. 26 p.

  • In the public interest: the value of public services / edited by Ed Finn; with an introduction by Mel Watkins. Langdon, Steven, Judy Rebick, Rosemary Warskett
    1st ed. Prescott, Ont. : Voyageur Pub; 128 p. . 1995, c1994

^ Multiple Editors / Compilers / Translators Books

  • As we come marching: people, power & progressive politics / edited by Steven Langdon & Victoria Cross.
    Windsor, Ont. : Windsor Works Publications; [1994]. ix, 253 p.


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