ABBOTT, The Hon. Sir John Joseph Caldwell, P.C., Q.C., K.C.M.G., B.C.L., D.C.L.
Picture of ABBOTT, The Hon. Sir John Joseph Caldwell, P.C., Q.C., K.C.M.G., B.C.L., D.C.L.
William James Topley
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Source: Library and Archives Canada, PA-033933
Date of Birth ( 1821.03.12
Place of Birth: St. Andrews, Lower Canada
Deceased Date ( 1893.10.30 (72 years old)
Profession | Occupation: Dean, lawyer, professor
Party Leader:
Notes: Of Irish origin.
Federal Political Experience
Years of Service: 7471 Days (20 years, 5 months, 14 days)
^ Senate
Senatorial DivisionPolitical Affiliation at NominationTerm ( on the advice of
Inkerman, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1887.05.12 - 1893.10.30 Macdonald, John Alexander
^ House of Commons
ConstituencyPolitical Affiliation at ElectionDate of Election (
Argenteuil, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1882.06.20 Elected
Argenteuil, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1881.08.17
Argenteuil, Quebec Election declared void 1881.07.13. Liberal-Conservative 1880.02.12
Argenteuil, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1878.09.17 Defeated
Argenteuil, Quebec Election declared void 1874.10.16. Liberal-Conservative 1874.01.22 Elected
Argenteuil, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1872.10.12 During the general election of 1872, elections in the constituencies were held at various times between 1872-07-20 and 1872-10-12. Elected
Argenteuil, Quebec Liberal-Conservative 1867.09.20 During the general election of 1867, elections in the constituencies were held at various times between 1867-08-07 and 1867-09-20. Elected

^ Parliamentary Group
PartyTerm (
Liberal-Conservative 1887.05.12 - 1893.10.30
Liberal-Conservative 1881.08.17 - 1887.02.21
Liberal-Conservative 1880.02.12 - 1881.07.13
Liberal-Conservative 1867.09.20 - 1874.10.16

^ Offices and Roles as a Parliamentarian
Prime Minister of Canada

PortfolioTerm (
Prime Minister 1891.06.16 - 1892.11.24


PortfolioTerm (
President of the Privy Council 1891.06.16 - 1892.11.24
Minister Without Portfolio 1887.05.13 - 1891.06.06
Minister Without Portfolio 1887.05.13 - 1891.06.15

Leader of the Government in the Senate

PortfolioTerm (
Leader of the Government in the Senate From the opening of the 6th Parliament until Abbott took office, the duties of leader were carried out by Hon. Frank Smith. The death of Macdonald on June 6, 1891 dissolved his Ministry. Abbott formed the new Government which took office on June 16, 1891. He resigned as Prime Minister on December 5, 1892. 1887.05.12 - 1893.10.30

^ Committees - Senate
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^ Committees - House of Commons
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^ Committees - Joint
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^ Political Party Roles

RoleTerm (
Party Leader 1891.06.16 - 1892.11.24
Provincial / Territorial Political Experience
^ Provincial / Territorial Constituency
ConstituenciesProvince / TerritoryTerm (
Argenteuil Quebec 1857 - 1867
Municipal Political Experience
MunicipalityLocal GovernmentFunctionMandate
Municipal Government Mayor 1887 - 1888
Military Service

Military OrganizationFunctionTerm (
11th Argenteuil Battalion of Militia Commanding Officer 1867 -
Argenteuil Rangers Commander 1861 - 1861
Selected Publications This bibliography includes books, chapters in books and journal articles written, edited, compiled or translated solely by the parliamentarian or with others.

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^ Sole Author Books

  • The Argenteuil case : being a report of the controverted election for the county of Argenteuil : containing the arguments of counsel, the authorities cited, the decisions and opinions of the Hon. Mr. Justice Badgley, and of the Hon. Mr. Justice Bruneau, and of the Hon. Mr. Justice Bruneau, commissioners in the case, and of the Select Committee of the House of Assembly, appointed to try it, an analysis of the evidence adduced on the scrutiny of the votes of the sitting member, and notes ....
    Montreal : [s.n.]; 1860. viii, 100, 258, 15 p.

  • Functions of the Senate : responsibilities and duties of the Upper Chamber : its value to the public : senseless criticisms of its work answered by senator Abbott.
    [Montréal] : [s.n.]; [1890?]. 10 p.

  • The Insolvent Act of 1864: with notes, together with the rules of practice and the tariff of fees for Lower Canada.
    Quebec : G. Desbarats and Malcolm Cameron; 1864. viii, 118 p.

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Additional information ^ Biographical information
Marriage (1849.07.26 - 1893.10.30)
  • Bethune, Mary Martha
    Birth: 1823 Death: 1898

  • Abbott, Frances Maria (Frankie)
    Birth: 1850.06.17

  • Abbott, John Betham (Jack)
    Birth: 1851.12.23

  • Abbott, William
    Birth: 1853

  • Abbott, Mary Isabella (Minnie)
    Birth: 1855.07.18

  • Abbott, Henry (Harry)
    Birth: 1857

  • Abbott, Harriet (Baby)
    Birth: 1858

  • Abbott, Alfred
    Birth: 1859 Death: 1860

  • Abbott, Alice Elizabeth
    Birth: 1861

  • Abbott, Arthur Edward
    Birth: 1863

Cause of Death: cancer
Place of Burial: Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
^ Heritage Information
Plaques, Statues, etc.: Plaque
Saint-André d'Argenteuil,
138 rue Principale
(St-Andrew East, Quebec)
Places, Buildings, etc.
Named After Prime Minister:
Abbott. Geographic Township in Algoma District, on the border of the District of Cochrane, Ontario.
Other Information: First Among Equals -- The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics
(Library and Archives Canada)
Details of Interest
  • First Prime Minister born in Canada
  • First Senator Prime Minister of Canada
  • First Prime Minister member of both Houses of Parliament of Canada
  • KCMG 1892

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