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1988 Members of the House of Commons

NamePolitical Affiliation at First ElectionConstituency at First ElectionDate of First Election
Globensky, Charles Auguste Maximilien Independent Two Mountains, Quebec 1875.02.26
Godbout, Marc Liberal Ottawa--Orléans, Ontario 2004.06.28
Godin, François Benjamin Liberal Joliette, Quebec 1867.09.20
Godin, Maurice Bloc Québécois Châteauguay, Quebec 1993.10.25
Good, William Charles Independent Progressive Brant, Ontario 1921.12.06
Gordon, George Newcombe Liberal Peterborough West, Ontario 1921.02.07
Gordon, Walter Lockhart Liberal Davenport, Ontario 1962.06.18
Gott, Eccles James Conservative (1867-1942) Essex South, Ontario 1925.10.29
Gould, Isaac James Liberal Ontario West, Ontario 1900.01.18
Gourde, Jacques Conservative Lotbinière--Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, Quebec 2006.01.23
Graham, Duncan Independent Liberal Ontario North, Ontario 1897.02.04
Granger, Charles Ronald McKay Liberal Grand Falls--White Bay--Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador 1958.03.31
Grant, Thomas Vincent Liberal Kings, Prince Edward Island 1935.10.14
Gravel, Michel Progressive Conservative Gamelin, Quebec 1984.09.04
Gravelle, Claude New Democratic Party Nickel Belt, Ontario 2008.10.14
Green, Howard Charles Conservative (1867-1942) Vancouver South, British Columbia 1935.10.14
Green, Robert Francis Conservative (1867-1942) Kootenay, British Columbia 1912.05.30
Grenier, Lucien Progressive Conservative Bonaventure, Quebec 1958.03.31
Grey, Deborah C. Reform Beaver River, Alberta 1989.03.13
Grier, Terrence Wyly New Democratic Party Toronto--Lakeshore, Ontario 1972.10.30
Griesbach, William Antrobus Unionist Edmonton West, Alberta 1917.12.17
Grieve, James Nicol Liberal Perth North, Ontario 1891.03.05
Grisé, Richard Progressive Conservative Chambly, Quebec 1984.09.04
Guay, Pierre Malcom Liberal Lévis, Quebec 1885.04.14
Guilbault, Jacques Liberal Saint-Jacques, Quebec 1968.06.25
Guilbault, Joseph Pierre Octave Conservative (1867-1942) Joliette, Quebec 1911.09.21
Guimond, Claude Bloc Québécois Rimouski-Neigette--Témiscouata--Les Basques, Quebec 2008.10.14
Guimond, Michel Bloc Québécois Beauport--Montmorency--Orléans, Quebec 1993.10.25
Guité, Jean-François Liberal Bonaventure, Quebec 1897.03.17
Gundlock, Deane Roscoe Progressive Conservative Lethbridge, Alberta 1958.03.31
Gurbin, Gary Michael Progressive Conservative Bruce--Grey, Ontario 1979.05.22
Habel, Joseph-Alphonse-Anaclet Liberal Cochrane, Ontario 1953.08.10
Hackett, Edward Liberal-Conservative Prince County, Prince Edward Island 1878.09.17
Hackett, John Thomas Conservative (1867-1942) Stanstead, Quebec 1930.07.28
Hahn, Frederick George Social Credit New Westminster, British Columbia 1953.08.10
Hajdu, Patricia Liberal Thunder Bay--Superior North, Ontario 2015.10.19
Hale, Frederick Harding Liberal-Conservative Carleton, New Brunswick 1887.02.22
Haliburton, Charles E. Progressive Conservative South Western Nova, Nova Scotia 1972.10.30
Hall, Robert Richard Liberal Peterborough West, Ontario 1904.11.03
Hallé, Maurice Liberal Brome--Missisquoi, Quebec 1940.03.26
Halliday, Bruce Progressive Conservative Oxford, Ontario 1974.07.08
Hamelin, Charles-André Progressive Conservative Charlevoix, Quebec 1984.09.04
Hamilton, Charles James Conservative (1867-1942) Stormont, Ontario 1925.10.29
Hamilton, Francis Alvin George Progressive Conservative Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan 1957.06.10
Hamilton, Frank Fletcher Progressive Conservative Swift Current--Maple Creek, Saskatchewan 1972.10.30
Hamilton, William McLean Progressive Conservative Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Quebec 1953.08.10
Hanna, Charles Edward Liberal Hastings West, Ontario 1924.11.25
Hanna, Richmond Francis Lionel Liberal Edmonton Strathcona, Alberta 1953.08.10
Hanson, Richard Burpee Conservative (1867-1942) York--Sunbury, New Brunswick 1921.05.28
Harb, Mac Liberal Ottawa Centre, Ontario 1988.11.21
Hardcastle, Cheryl New Democratic Party Windsor--Tecumseh, Ontario 2015.10.19
Harder, Rachael Conservative Lethbridge, Alberta 2015.10.19
Hare, Jack Progressive Conservative St. Boniface, Manitoba 1978.10.16
Harkness, Douglas Scott Progressive Conservative Calgary East, Alberta 1945.06.11
Harley, Archibald Liberal Oxford South, Ontario 1882.06.20
Harley, Harry Cruickshank Liberal Halton, Ontario 1962.06.18
Harquail, Maurice James Liberal Restigouche, New Brunswick 1975.10.14
Harris, Jack New Democratic Party St. John's East, Newfoundland and Labrador 1987.07.20
Harris, Richard M. Reform Prince George--Bulkley Valley, British Columbia 1993.10.25
Harrison, Charles Robert Unionist Nipissing, Ontario 1917.12.17
Hartt, Maurice Liberal Cartier, Quebec 1947.03.31
Harvey, Luc Conservative Louis-Hébert, Quebec 2006.01.23
Haszard, Horace Liberal West Queen's, Prince Edward Island 1904.02.16
Hatfield, Paul Lacombe Liberal Yarmouth and Clare, Nova Scotia 1921.12.06
Hawkes, Frederick James (Jim) Progressive Conservative Calgary West, Alberta 1979.05.22
Hay, Francis Wellington Liberal Perth North, Ontario 1926.09.14
Healy, Albert Frederick Liberal Essex North, Ontario 1923.03.01
Healy, Thomas Patrick Liberal St. Ann, Quebec 1940.03.26
Heap, Daniel James Macdonnell New Democratic Party Spadina, Ontario 1981.08.17
Helme, Francis Heselton Liberal Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1949.06.27
Henders, Richard Coe Unionist Macdonald, Manitoba 1917.12.17
Henderson, Charles Albert Liberal Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1940.03.26
Henderson, Walter Clarence Progressive Conservative Cariboo, British Columbia 1958.03.31
Henry, Charles Liberal Rosedale, Ontario 1949.06.27
Hepburn, Bernard Rickart Conservative (1867-1942) Prince Edward, Ontario 1911.09.21
Hepburn, Mitchell Frederick Liberal Elgin West, Ontario 1926.09.14
Hervieux-Payette, Céline Liberal Mercier, Quebec 1979.05.22
Heyd, Charles Bernhard Liberal Brant South, Ontario 1897.02.04
Hickey, Charles Erastus Conservative (1867-1942) Dundas, Ontario 1882.06.20
Hickey, Patricia (Bonnie) Liberal St. John's East, Newfoundland and Labrador 1993.10.25
Hicks, Robert Nelson David Progressive Conservative Scarborough East, Ontario 1984.09.04
Hicks, William Harold Progressive Conservative Fraser Valley, British Columbia 1958.03.31
Higgins, Gordon Francis Progressive Conservative St. John's East, Newfoundland and Labrador 1949.06.27
Hincks, Francis Liberal-Conservative Renfrew North, Ontario 1869.11.13
Hoback, Randy Conservative Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 2008.10.14
Hoblitzell, Frederick George Liberal Eglinton, Ontario 1940.03.26
Hocken, Horatio Clarence Unionist Toronto West, Ontario 1917.12.17
Hockin, Thomas Progressive Conservative London West, Ontario 1984.09.04
Hodgins, Archie Latimer Progressive Middlesex East, Ontario 1921.12.06
Hodgins, George Frederick Liberal Pontiac, Quebec 1908.10.26
Hodgson, Clayton Wesley Progressive Conservative Victoria, Ontario 1945.06.11
Holowach, Ambrose A. Social Credit Edmonton East, Alberta 1953.08.10
Honey, Russell Clayton Liberal Durham, Ontario 1962.06.18
Hopkins, Edward Nicholas Progressive Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1923.04.10
Horner, Hugh Macarthur Progressive Conservative Jasper--Edson, Alberta 1958.03.31
Horner, John (Jack) Henry Progressive Conservative Acadia, Alberta 1958.03.31
Horner, Norval Alic Progressive Conservative Battleford--Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1972.10.30
Horton, Horace Liberal Huron Centre, Ontario 1872.10.12
Houck, William Limburg Liberal Niagara Falls, Ontario 1953.08.10
Houde, Camillien Independent Papineau, Quebec 1949.06.27
Houde, Frédéric Nationalist Maskinongé, Quebec 1878.09.17
Houghton, Charles Frederick Liberal Yale District, British Columbia 1871.12.19
Howard, Bruce Andrew Thomas Liberal Okanagan Boundary, British Columbia 1968.06.25
Howard, Charles Benjamin Liberal Sherbrooke, Quebec 1925.10.29
Howe, Clarence Decatur Liberal Port Arthur, Ontario 1935.10.14
Howland, William Pierce Liberal-Conservative York West, Ontario 1867.09.20
Hubbard, Charles Liberal Miramichi, New Brunswick 1993.10.25
Hudecki, Stanley Liberal Hamilton West, Ontario 1980.09.08
Hudson, Albert Blellock Liberal Winnipeg South, Manitoba 1921.12.06
Hughes, Carol New Democratic Party Algoma--Manitoulin--Kapuskasing, Ontario 2008.10.14
Hughes, Patrick Liberal Niagara, Ontario 1878.09.17
Huntington, Lucius Seth Liberal Shefford, Quebec 1867.09.20
Hurdon, Francis Conservative (1867-1942) Bruce South, Ontario 1867.09.20
Hutchings, Gudie Liberal Long Range Mountains, Newfoundland and Labrador 2015.10.19
Hutchins, William Henry Conservative (1867-1942) Middlesex North, Ontario 1891.03.05
Hutchison, Richard Liberal Northumberland, New Brunswick 1868.12.24
Hutchison, William H. Liberal Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1896.06.23
Hyer, Bruce New Democratic Party Thunder Bay--Superior North, Ontario 2008.10.14
Hyman, Charles Smith Liberal London, Ontario 1891.03.05
Iacono, Angelo Liberal Alfred-Pellan, Quebec 2015.10.19
Ignatieff, Michael Liberal Etobicoke--Lakeshore, Ontario 2006.01.23
Ives, William Bullock Conservative (1867-1942) Richmond--Wolfe, Quebec 1878.09.17
Jackman, Harry Rutherford National Government Rosedale, Ontario 1940.03.26
Jackson, George Conservative (1867-1942) Grey South, Ontario 1867.09.20
Jackson, Joseph Liberal Norfolk South, Ontario 1882.06.20
Jackson, Ovid L. Liberal Bruce--Grey, Ontario 1993.10.25
Jackson, Samuel Jacob Liberal Selkirk, Manitoba 1904.11.03
Jackson, William Conservative (1867-1942) Elgin West, Ontario 1904.11.03
Jacob, Jean-Marc Bloc Québécois Charlesbourg, Quebec 1993.10.25
Jacob, Pierre New Democratic Party Brome--Missisquoi, Quebec 2011.05.02
Jacobs, Samuel William Laurier Liberal George-Étienne Cartier, Quebec 1917.12.17
Jacques, Carole Progressive Conservative Montreal--Mercier, Quebec 1984.09.04
Jaenicke, Frank Eric Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1945.06.11
Jameson, Clarence Conservative (1867-1942) Digby, Nova Scotia 1908.10.26
Jameson, Richard Willis Liberal Winnipeg, Manitoba 1897.04.27
Jamieson, Donald Campbell Liberal Burin--Burgeo, Newfoundland and Labrador 1966.09.19
Janelle, Richard Social Credit Lotbinière, Quebec 1978.10.16
Jelliff, Lincoln Henry Progressive Lethbridge, Alberta 1921.12.06
Jobin, Christian Liberal Lévis-et-Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, Quebec 2003.06.16
Johnson, John Mercer Liberal Northumberland, New Brunswick 1867.09.20
Johnson, Paul Léo Maurice Progressive Conservative Chambly--Rouville, Quebec 1958.03.31
Johnston, Charles Edward Social Credit Bow River, Alberta 1935.10.14
Johnston, John Frederick Unionist Last Mountain, Saskatchewan 1917.12.17
Joncas, Jean-Luc Progressive Conservative Matapédia--Matane, Quebec 1984.09.04
Joncas, Louis Zéphirin Conservative (1867-1942) Gaspé, Quebec 1887.02.22
Jones, Francis Conservative (1867-1942) Leeds North and Grenville North, Ontario 1867.09.20
Jones, Leonard C. Independent Moncton, New Brunswick 1974.07.08
Karetak-Lindell, Nancy Liberal Nunavut, Northwest Territories 1997.06.02
Karpoff, James Capsey (Jim) New Democratic Party Surrey North, British Columbia 1988.11.21
Kaulbach, Charles Edwin Conservative (1867-1942) Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 1878.09.17
Kay, William Frederic Liberal Missisquoi, Quebec 1911.09.21
Keefer, Francis Henry Unionist Port Arthur and Kenora, Ontario 1917.12.17
Keeper, Cyril New Democratic Party Winnipeg--St. James, Manitoba 1980.02.18
Kelleher, James Francis Progressive Conservative Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 1984.09.04
Kelly, Fenwick Lionel Liberal North Cape Breton and Victoria, Nova Scotia 1923.07.31
Kelly, Leonard Patrick (Red) Liberal York West, Ontario 1962.06.18
Kennedy, Cyril Frost Progressive Conservative Colchester--Hants, Nova Scotia 1957.06.10
Kennedy, Donald MacBeth Progressive Edmonton West, Alberta 1921.12.06
Kennedy, James Buckham Liberal New Westminster, British Columbia 1904.11.03
Kennedy, William Costello Laurier Liberal Essex North, Ontario 1917.12.17
Kent, William Richard Liberal Humber--St. George's, Newfoundland and Labrador 1949.06.27
Keyes, Stan Kazmierczak Liberal Hamilton West, Ontario 1988.11.21
Kickham, Thomas Joseph Liberal Kings, Prince Edward Island 1949.06.27
Kierans, Eric William Liberal Duvernay, Quebec 1968.06.25
Kilvert, Francis Edwin Conservative (1867-1942) Hamilton, Ontario 1878.09.17
Kindt, Lawrence Elliott Progressive Conservative Macleod, Alberta 1958.03.31
King, Frederick John Progressive Conservative Okanagan--Similkameen, British Columbia 1979.05.22
King, James Horace Liberal Kootenay East, British Columbia 1922.03.14
King, John Warwick Progressive Huron North, Ontario 1921.12.06
King, William Lyon Mackenzie Liberal Waterloo North, Ontario 1908.10.26
Kirkpatrick, George Airey Conservative (1867-1942) Frontenac, Ontario 1870.04.27
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Conservative (1867-1942) Frontenac, Ontario 1867.09.20
Kitchen, Robert Gordon Conservative Souris--Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan 2015.10.19
Klock, James Bell Conservative (1867-1942) Nipissing, Ontario 1896.06.23
Kloepfer, Christian Conservative (1867-1942) Wellington South, Ontario 1896.06.23
Kmiec, Tom Conservative Calgary Shepard, Alberta 2015.10.19
Komarnicki, Ed Conservative Souris--Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan 2004.06.28
Konantz, Margaret McTavish Liberal Winnipeg South, Manitoba 1963.04.08
Korchinski, Stanley James Progressive Conservative Mackenzie, Saskatchewan 1958.03.31
Kucherepa, John William Progressive Conservative High Park, Ontario 1957.06.10
Kuhl, Walter Frederick Social Credit Jasper--Edson, Alberta 1935.10.14
Kwan, Jenny Wai Ching New Democratic Party Vancouver East, British Columbia 2015.10.19
La Salle, Roch Progressive Conservative Joliette, Quebec 1968.06.25
Lacerte, Élie Conservative (1867-1942) Saint Maurice, Quebec 1868.10.30
Lachance, Arthur Liberal Quebec-Centre, Quebec 1905.01.19
Lachance, Claude-André Liberal Lafontaine, Quebec 1974.07.08
Lachance, Georges-C. Liberal Lafontaine, Quebec 1962.06.18
Lachapelle, Sévérin Conservative (1867-1942) Hochelaga, Quebec 1892.10.21
Lacombe, Liguori Liberal Laval--Two Mountains, Quebec 1925.10.29
Lacroix, Édouard Liberal Beauce, Quebec 1925.10.29
Lacroix, Wilfrid Liberal Québec--Montmorency, Quebec 1935.10.14
Ladouceur, Fernand Progressive Conservative Labelle, Quebec 1984.09.04
Laflèche, Joseph-François Conservative (1867-1942) Richmond--Wolfe, Quebec 1930.07.28
LaFlèche, Léo Richer Liberal Outremont, Quebec 1942.11.30
Lajoie, Charles Gérin Liberal Saint Maurice, Quebec 1874.01.22
Lajoie, Claude G. Liberal Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1971.05.31
Lake, Richard Stuart Conservative (1867-1942) Qu'Appelle, Northwest Territories 1904.11.03
Laliberte, Rick New Democratic Party Churchill River, Saskatchewan 1997.06.02
Lalonde, Francine Bloc Québécois Mercier, Quebec 1993.10.25
Lalonde, Marc Liberal Outremont, Quebec 1972.10.30
Lalonde, Maurice Liberal Labelle, Quebec 1935.10.14
Lalor, Francis Ramsey Conservative (1867-1942) Haldimand, Ontario 1904.11.03
Lamarche, Paul-Émile Conservative (1867-1942) Nicolet, Quebec 1911.09.21
Lamb, Charles Wesley Progressive Conservative Victoria, Ontario 1963.04.08
Lambert, Marcel Joseph Aimé Progressive Conservative Edmonton West, Alberta 1957.06.10
Lamontagne, Maurice Liberal Outremont--St-Jean, Quebec 1963.04.08
Lamoureux, Lucien Liberal Stormont, Ontario 1962.06.18
Lancaster, Edward Arthur Conservative (1867-1942) Lincoln and Niagara, Ontario 1900.11.07
Lanctôt, Adélard Liberal Richelieu, Quebec 1907.03.07
Lanctôt, Robert Bloc Québécois Châteauguay, Quebec 2000.11.27
Lanctôt, Roch Liberal Laprairie--Napierville, Quebec 1904.11.03
Landeryou, John Charles Social Credit Calgary East, Alberta 1935.10.14
Landry, Auguste-Charles-Philippe-Robert Conservative (1867-1942) Montmagny, Quebec 1878.09.17
Lang, Malcolm Labour Timiskaming South, Ontario 1926.09.14
Langelier, Charles Liberal Montmorency, Quebec 1887.02.22
Langelier, François Charles Stanislas Liberal Mégantic, Quebec 1884.06.10
Langevin, Hector-Louis Conservative (1867-1942) Dorchester, Quebec 1867.09.20
Langlois, Charles A. Progressive Conservative Manicouagan, Quebec 1988.11.21
Langlois, François Bloc Québécois Bellechasse, Quebec 1993.10.25
Lanthier, Claude Progressive Conservative Lasalle, Quebec 1984.09.04
Lantier, Jacques Philippe Conservative (1867-1942) Soulanges, Quebec 1872.10.12
Lapierre, Jean-C. Liberal Shefford, Quebec 1979.05.22
Lapointe, Charles Liberal Charlevoix, Quebec 1974.07.08
Lapointe, François New Democratic Party Montmagny--L'Islet--Kamouraska--Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec 2011.05.02
LaRivière, Alphonse Alfred Clément Conservative (1867-1942) Provencher, Manitoba 1889.01.24
Larose, Jean-François New Democratic Party Repentigny, Quebec 2011.05.02
Larson, Frederick Hugo Liberal Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1949.06.27
LaRue, Achille Liberal Bellechasse, Quebec 1878.09.17
Latour, Joseph-Octave Progressive Conservative Argenteuil--Deux-Montagnes, Quebec 1958.03.31
Laurence, Frederick Andrew Liberal Colchester, Nova Scotia 1904.11.03
Laurendeau, Aldéric Liberal Berthier--Maskinongé, Quebec 1945.06.11
Laurier, Romuald-Charlemagne Liberal L'Assomption, Quebec 1900.11.07
Laurier, Ruben Charles Liberal L'Assomption, Quebec 1907.03.07
Lavallée, Carole Bloc Québécois Saint-Bruno--Saint-Hubert, Quebec 2004.06.28
Lavallée, Joseph Octave Conservative (1867-1942) Bellechasse, Quebec 1911.09.21
Lavoie, Jacques Progressive Conservative Hochelaga, Quebec 1975.10.14
Lawrence, Allan Frederick Progressive Conservative Northumberland--Durham, Ontario 1972.10.30
Layton, Jack New Democratic Party Toronto--Danforth, Ontario 2004.06.28
Le Vesconte, Isaac Conservative (1867-1942) Richmond, Nova Scotia 1869.04.20
LeBlanc, Dominic Liberal Beauséjour--Petitcodiac, New Brunswick 2000.11.27
Leblanc, Fernand-E. Liberal Laurier, Quebec 1964.02.10
LeBlanc, Francis G. Liberal Cape Breton Highlands--Canso, Nova Scotia 1988.11.21
LeBlanc, Hélène New Democratic Party LaSalle--Émard, Quebec 2011.05.02
LeBlanc, Louis Guy Liberal Rimouski, Quebec 1965.11.08
Leblanc, Nic Progressive Conservative Longueuil, Quebec 1984.09.04
LeBlanc, Olivier J. Liberal Kent, New Brunswick 1900.11.07
LeBlanc, Roméo Liberal Westmorland--Kent, New Brunswick 1972.10.30
Leclair, Pierre Conservative (1867-1942) Terrebonne, Quebec 1893.01.10
Leclerc, Joseph-Hermas Liberal Shefford, Quebec 1935.10.14
Leduc, Edgar Independent Jacques Cartier, Quebec 1949.10.04
Leduc, Jean-Louis Liberal Richelieu, Quebec 1979.05.22
Leduc, Joseph Alfred Laurier Liberal Westmount--St. Henri, Quebec 1917.12.17
Leduc, Joseph Gérard Yves Liberal Verdun, Quebec 1954.03.22
Leduc, Joseph Hector Liberal Nicolet, Quebec 1891.03.05
Leduc, Rodolphe Liberal Wright, Quebec 1936.08.03
Lee, Derek Vincent Liberal Scarborough--Rouge River, Ontario 1988.11.21
Lefrançois, J.-Eugène Liberal Laurier, Quebec 1949.10.24
Legault, Carl Liberal Nipissing, Ontario 1964.06.22
Legere, Felton Fenwick Progressive Conservative Shelburne--Yarmouth--Clare, Nova Scotia 1958.03.31
Leggatt, Stuart Malcolm New Democratic Party New Westminster, British Columbia 1972.10.30
Leitch, K. Kellie Conservative Simcoe--Grey, Ontario 2011.05.02
Lemay, Marc Bloc Québécois Abitibi--Témiscamingue, Quebec 2004.06.28
Lesage, Charles Alexander Conservative (1867-1942) Dorchester, Quebec 1882.06.20
Lesick, William Progressive Conservative Edmonton East, Alberta 1984.09.04
L'Espérance, David Ovide Conservative (1867-1942) Montmagny, Quebec 1911.09.21
Lessard, Marcel Social Credit Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec 1962.06.18
LeSueur, Richard Vryling Conservative (1867-1942) Lambton West, Ontario 1921.12.06
Leung, Chungsen Conservative Willowdale, Ontario 2011.05.02
Levitt, Michael Liberal York Centre, Ontario 2015.10.19
Lewycky, Laverne New Democratic Party Dauphin, Manitoba 1980.02.18
Limoges, Richard G.J. Liberal Windsor--St. Clair, Ontario 1999.04.12
Lincoln, Clifford Liberal Lachine--Lac-Saint-Louis, Quebec 1993.10.25
Lister, James Frederick Liberal Lambton West, Ontario 1882.06.20
Tweed, Mervin C. Conservative Brandon--Souris, Manitoba 2004.06.28
Tweedie, Thomas Mitchell March Unionist Calgary West, Alberta 1917.12.17
Tyrwhitt, Richard Conservative (1867-1942) Simcoe South, Ontario 1882.02.16
Vaillancourt, Cyrille Émile Nationalist Dorchester, Quebec 1891.03.05
Valcourt, Bernard Progressive Conservative Madawaska--Victoria, New Brunswick 1984.09.04
Valin, Pierre Vincent Conservative (1867-1942) Montmorency, Quebec 1878.09.17
Vallance, John Liberal South Battleford, Saskatchewan 1925.10.29
Vallée, Roch Pamphile Conservative (1867-1942) Portneuf, Quebec 1878.09.17
Van Horne, Joseph Charles Progressive Conservative Restigouche--Madawaska, New Brunswick 1955.09.26
Vanclief, Lyle Liberal Prince Edward--Hastings, Ontario 1988.11.21
Vecchio, Karen Conservative Elgin--Middlesex--London, Ontario 2015.10.19
Veillette, Michel Liberal Champlain, Quebec 1979.05.22
Vellacott, Maurice Reform Wanuskewin, Saskatchewan 1997.06.02
Veniot, Clarence Joseph Liberal Gloucester, New Brunswick 1936.08.17
Verville, Joseph-Achille Liberal Lotbinière, Quebec 1925.10.29
Vien, Jacques Progressive Conservative Laurentides, Quebec 1988.11.21
Vincent, Auguste Liberal Longueuil, Quebec 1953.08.10
Vincent, Clément Progressive Conservative Nicolet--Yamaska, Quebec 1962.06.18
Vincent, Pierre H. Progressive Conservative Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1984.09.04
Vincent, Robert Bloc Québécois Shefford, Quebec 2004.06.28
Vivian, Reginald Percy Progressive Conservative Durham, Ontario 1957.06.10
Wadds, Jean Casselman Progressive Conservative Grenville--Dundas, Ontario 1958.09.29
Wade, Fletcher Bath Liberal Annapolis, Nova Scotia 1900.11.07
Wade, John Chipman Conservative (1867-1942) Digby, Nova Scotia 1878.01.19
Wagantall, Cathay Conservative Yorkton--Melville, Saskatchewan 2015.10.19
Wagner, Claude Progressive Conservative Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec 1972.10.30
Wallace, David Wardrope Liberal Russell, Ontario 1903.04.20
Wallace, John Liberal Albert, New Brunswick 1867.09.20
Wallace, John Alexander Progressive Norfolk, Ontario 1921.12.06
Wallace, Mike Conservative Burlington, Ontario 2006.01.23
Wallace, Nathaniel Clarke Conservative (1867-1942) York West, Ontario 1878.09.17
Wallace, Robert Conservative (1867-1942) Vancouver Island, British Columbia 1871.12.15
Wallace, Thomas George Conservative (1867-1942) York Centre, Ontario 1908.10.26
Wallace, William Conservative (1867-1942) Norfolk South, Ontario 1872.10.12
Walsh, Joseph Charles Liberal St. Anne, Quebec 1906.11.21
Warkentin, Chris Conservative Peace River, Alberta 2006.01.23
Warnock, David Liberal Macleod, Alberta 1911.09.21
Wasylycia-Leis, Judy New Democratic Party Winnipeg North Centre, Manitoba 1997.06.02
Watson, Lawrence E. Progressive Conservative Assiniboia, Saskatchewan 1963.04.08
Webb, Roderick Arthur Ennis Progressive Conservative Hastings--Frontenac, Ontario 1959.10.05
Weichel, Oscar William Progressive Conservative Waterloo North, Ontario 1958.03.31
Weichel, William George Conservative (1867-1942) Waterloo North, Ontario 1911.09.21
Weldon, Charles Wesley Liberal City and County of St. John, New Brunswick 1878.09.17
Weldon, Richard Chapman Conservative (1867-1942) Albert, New Brunswick 1887.02.22
Whalen, Nick Liberal St. John's East, Newfoundland and Labrador 2015.10.19
Whicher, Ross Mackenzie Liberal Bruce, Ontario 1968.06.25
Whitman, Frederick Primrose Liberal Mount Royal, Quebec 1940.03.26
Whittaker, John R. (Jack) New Democratic Party Okanagan--Similkameen--Merritt, British Columbia 1988.11.21
Wilcox, Oliver James Conservative (1867-1942) Essex North, Ontario 1909.11.10
Willis, Errick French Progressive Conservative Souris, Manitoba 1930.07.28
Willoughby, Charles James McNeil Progressive Conservative Kamloops, British Columbia 1963.04.08
Willson, Crowell Liberal-Conservative Middlesex East, Ontario 1867.09.20
Wilmot, Robert Duncan Conservative (1867-1942) Sunbury, New Brunswick 1887.02.22
Wilson, Charles Avila Liberal Laval, Quebec 1908.10.26
Wilson, Gordon Crooks Conservative (1867-1942) Wentworth, Ontario 1911.09.21
Wilson, James Crocket Liberal-Conservative Argenteuil, Quebec 1887.02.22
Wilson, Lawrence Alexander Liberal Vaudreuil--Soulanges, Quebec 1925.10.29
Wilson, Michael Holcombe Progressive Conservative Etobicoke Centre, Ontario 1979.05.22
Winch, Harold Edward Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Vancouver East, British Columbia 1953.08.10
Winegard, William C. Progressive Conservative Guelph, Ontario 1984.09.04
Winkler, Eric Alfred Progressive Conservative Grey--Bruce, Ontario 1957.06.10
Witton, Henry Buckingham Conservative (1867-1942) Hamilton, Ontario 1872.10.12
Wong, Alice Conservative Richmond, British Columbia 2008.10.14
Wratten, Jack Progressive Conservative Brantford, Ontario 1957.06.10
Wright, David McKenzie Conservative (1867-1942) Perth North, Ontario 1925.10.29
Wright, Frederick William Progressive Conservative Calgary North, Alberta 1980.02.18
Wright, Percy Ellis Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Melfort, Saskatchewan 1940.03.26
Wright, William McKay Liberal-Conservative Pontiac, Quebec 1872.10.12
Wylie, William Duncan McKay Social Credit Medicine Hat, Alberta 1945.06.11
Yacula, Val Progressive Conservative Springfield, Manitoba 1958.03.31
Yelich, Lynne Canadian Alliance Blackstrap, Saskatchewan 2000.11.27
Yewchuk, Paul Progressive Conservative Athabaska, Alberta 1968.06.25
Young, Alexander MacGillivray Liberal Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1925.10.29
Young, Roger Carl Liberal Niagara Falls, Ontario 1974.07.08
Young, Terence H. Conservative Oakville, Ontario 2008.10.14
Yuill, Charles Social Credit Jasper--Edson, Alberta 1953.08.10
Zaplitny, Frederick Samuel Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Dauphin, Manitoba 1945.06.11
Zarac, Lise Liberal LaSalle--Émard, Quebec 2008.10.14
Abbott, Anthony Chisholm Liberal Mississauga, Ontario 1974.07.08
Abbott, Douglas Charles Liberal St. Antoine--Westmount, Quebec 1940.03.26
Abbott, John Joseph Caldwell Liberal-Conservative Argenteuil, Quebec 1867.09.20
Ablonczy, Diane Reform Calgary North, Alberta 1993.10.25
Achim, Honoré Conservative (1867-1942) Labelle, Quebec 1911.09.21
Adams, Michael Conservative (1867-1942) Northumberland, New Brunswick 1891.03.05
Albrecht, Harold Conservative Kitchener--Conestoga, Ontario 2006.01.23
Alcock, Reginald B. Liberal Winnipeg South, Manitoba 1993.10.25
Alcorn, George Oscar Conservative (1867-1942) Prince Edward, Ontario 1900.11.07
Alexander, Chris Conservative Ajax--Pickering, Ontario 2011.05.02
Alexander, Lincoln MacCauley Progressive Conservative Hamilton West, Ontario 1968.06.25
Alguire, Duncan Orestes Conservative (1867-1942) Stormont, Ontario 1911.09.21
Alkenbrack, Almonte Douglas Progressive Conservative Prince Edward--Lennox, Ontario 1962.06.18
Allard, Carole-Marie Liberal Laval East, Quebec 2000.11.27
Allard, Maurice Progressive Conservative Sherbrooke, Quebec 1958.03.31
Allen, Malcolm New Democratic Party Welland, Ontario 2008.10.14
Althouse, Victor Fredrich (Vic) New Democratic Party Humboldt--Lake Centre, Saskatchewan 1980.02.18
Anawak, Jack Iyerak Liberal Nunatsiaq, Northwest Territories 1988.11.21
Andrews, Scott Liberal Avalon, Newfoundland and Labrador 2008.10.14
Angers, Louis Charles Alphonse Liberal Charlevoix, Quebec 1896.01.27
Angus, Charlie New Democratic Party Timmins--James Bay, Ontario 2004.06.28
Angus, Iain Francis New Democratic Party Thunder Bay--Atikokan, Ontario 1984.09.04
Archambault, Joseph Laurier Liberal Chambly--Verchères, Quebec 1917.12.17
Archambault, Joseph Éloi Liberal Berthier, Quebec 1900.01.18
Archambault, Louis Liberal-Conservative L'Assomption, Quebec 1867.09.20
Archibald, Adams George Liberal-Conservative Colchester, Nova Scotia 1869.09.09
Archibald, Cyril Liberal Stormont, Ontario 1872.10.12
Archibald, Harry Grenfell Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Skeena, British Columbia 1945.06.11
Armstrong, Ernest Frederick Conservative (1867-1942) Timiskaming South, Ontario 1925.10.29
Armstrong, Frederick Thomas Liberal Shelburne--Yarmouth--Clare, Nova Scotia 1963.04.08
Armstrong, John Alexander Macdonald Conservative (1867-1942) York North, Ontario 1911.09.21
Armstrong, Scott Conservative Cumberland--Colchester--Musquodoboit Valley, Nova Scotia 2009.11.09
Arrol, Ian MacLachlan Progressive Conservative York East, Ontario 1972.10.30
Arya, Chandra Liberal Nepean, Ontario 2015.10.19
Ashby, Patrick Harvey Social Credit Edmonton East, Alberta 1945.06.11
Asselin, Joseph Patrick Tobin Liberal Richmond--Wolfe, Quebec 1963.04.08
Auger, Michel Independent Liberal Shefford, Quebec 1882.06.20
Authier, Hector Liberal Chapleau, Quebec 1940.03.26
Axworthy, Chris New Democratic Party Saskatoon--Clark's Crossing, Saskatchewan 1988.11.21
Baby, Louis François Georges Conservative (1867-1942) Joliette, Quebec 1872.10.12
Bachand, André Progressive Conservative Richmond--Arthabaska, Quebec 1997.06.02
Bachand, André Liberal Missisquoi, Quebec 1980.02.18
Bachand, Claude Bloc Québécois Saint-Jean, Quebec 1993.10.25
Badawey, Vance Liberal Niagara Centre, Ontario 2015.10.19
Baird, George Frederick Conservative (1867-1942) Queen's, New Brunswick 1887.02.22
Baker, Edgar Crow Conservative (1867-1942) Victoria, British Columbia 1882.06.20
Baker, Richard Langton Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto Northeast, Ontario 1925.10.29
Balcer, Léon Progressive Conservative Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1949.06.27
Balcom, Samuel Rosborough Liberal Halifax, Nova Scotia 1950.06.19
Ballantyne, Charles Colquhoun Unionist St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec 1917.12.17
Bancroft, Leland Payson Progressive Selkirk, Manitoba 1921.12.06
Barbès, Charles-Noël Liberal Chapleau, Quebec 1957.06.10
Barker, Frederick Eustace Conservative (1867-1942) City of St. John, New Brunswick 1885.11.24
Barnard, Francis Jones Conservative (1867-1942) Yale, British Columbia 1879.09.29
Barry, John Patrick Liberal Northumberland, New Brunswick 1935.10.14
Basinet, Charles Liberal Joliette, Quebec 1896.06.23
Bateman, Joyce Conservative Winnipeg South Centre, Manitoba 2011.05.02
Bawden, Peter Colwell Progressive Conservative Calgary South, Alberta 1972.10.30
Baxter, John Babington Macaulay Conservative (1867-1942) St. John--Albert, New Brunswick 1921.12.06
Beattie, Duncan M. Progressive Conservative Hamilton Mountain, Ontario 1972.10.30
Beaubien, Arthur-Lucien Liberal Provencher, Manitoba 1921.12.06
Beaubien, Joseph-Octave Conservative (1867-1942) Montmagny, Quebec 1867.09.20
Beauchamp-Niquet, Suzanne Liberal Roberval, Quebec 1980.02.18
Beauchesne, Pierre-Clovis Conservative (1867-1942) Bonaventure, Quebec 1879.08.26
Beaumier, Colleen Liberal Brampton, Ontario 1993.10.25
Beausoleil, Cléophas Liberal Berthier, Quebec 1887.02.22
Béchard, Albert Liberal Bonaventure, Quebec 1962.06.18
Béchard, François Liberal Iberville, Quebec 1867.09.20
Beech, Terry Liberal Burnaby North--Seymour, British Columbia 2015.10.19
Beech, William George Progressive Conservative York South, Ontario 1957.06.10
Beer, Bruce Silas Liberal Peel, Ontario 1962.06.18
Belcourt, Napoléon Antoine Liberal Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1896.06.23
Bélec, Charles Conservative (1867-1942) Pontiac, Quebec 1930.07.28
Bélisle, Richard Bloc Québécois La Prairie, Quebec 1993.10.25
Bell, Adam Carr Conservative (1867-1942) Pictou, Nova Scotia 1896.06.23
Bell, Catherine New Democratic Party Vancouver Island North, British Columbia 2006.01.23
Bell, Charles William Conservative (1867-1942) Hamilton West, Ontario 1925.10.29
Bell, Richard Albert Progressive Conservative Carleton, Ontario 1957.06.10
Bellavance, André Bloc Québécois Richmond--Arthabaska, Quebec 2004.06.28
Bellehumeur, Michel Bloc Québécois Berthier--Montcalm, Quebec 1993.10.25
Bellerose, Joseph Hyacinthe Conservative (1867-1942) Laval, Quebec 1867.09.20
Bence, Alfred Henry Progressive Conservative Saskatoon City, Saskatchewan 1940.08.19
Benidickson, William Moore Liberal Kenora--Rainy River, Ontario 1945.06.11
Bennett, Carolyn Liberal St. Paul's, Ontario 1997.06.02
Bennett, Colin Emerson Liberal Grey North, Ontario 1949.06.27
Bennett, Richard Bedford Conservative (1867-1942) Calgary, Alberta 1911.09.21
Benoit, Aldéric-Joseph Liberal St. Johns--Iberville, Quebec 1922.08.31
Bercovitch, Peter Liberal Cartier, Quebec 1938.11.07
Bergen, Candice Conservative Portage--Lisgar, Manitoba 2008.10.14
Berger, Jean-Charles Richard (Jean) Liberal Montmagny--l'Islet, Quebec 1963.04.08
Bergeron, Joseph Gédéon Horace Conservative (1867-1942) Beauharnois, Quebec 1879.01.09
Bernier, Maurice Bloc Québécois Mégantic--Compton--Stanstead, Quebec 1993.10.25
Bernier, Michel Esdras Liberal St. Hyacinthe, Quebec 1882.06.20
Berthold, Luc Conservative Mégantic--L'Érable, Quebec 2015.10.19
Bertrand, Charles Frédéric Adolphe Conservative (1867-1942) Témiscouata, Quebec 1867.09.20
Bertrand, Elie-Oscar Liberal Prescott, Ontario 1929.07.29
Best, Charles Alexander (Sandy) Progressive Conservative Halton, Ontario 1957.06.10
Bethel, Judith Claire (Judy) Liberal Edmonton East, Alberta 1993.10.25
Betts, Frederick Cronyn Conservative (1867-1942) London, Ontario 1935.10.14
Bevilacqua, Maurizio Liberal York North, Ontario 1988.11.21
Bibeau, Marie-Claude Liberal Compton--Stanstead, Quebec 2015.10.19
Bickerdike, Robert Liberal St. Lawrence, Quebec 1900.11.07
Bigg, Frederick Johnstone (Jack) Progressive Conservative Athabaska, Alberta 1958.03.31
Binks, Kenneth C. Progressive Conservative Ottawa West, Ontario 1979.05.22
Binns, Patrick George Progressive Conservative Cardigan, Prince Edward Island 1984.09.04
Bissett, Edgar Douglas Richmond Liberal Progressive Springfield, Manitoba 1926.09.14
Bittle, Chris Liberal St. Catharines, Ontario 2015.10.19
Black, Dawn New Democratic Party New Westminster--Burnaby, British Columbia 1988.11.21
Black, Donald Elmer Liberal Châteauguay--Huntingdon, Quebec 1935.10.14
Black, George Conservative (1867-1942) Yukon, Yukon 1921.12.06
Black, Judson Burpee Liberal Hants, Nova Scotia 1904.11.03
Black, Martha Louise Independent Conservative Yukon, Yukon 1935.10.14
Black, Percy Chapman National Government Cumberland, Nova Scotia 1940.03.26
Black, William Progressive Huron South, Ontario 1921.12.06
Black, William Anderson Conservative (1867-1942) Halifax, Nova Scotia 1923.12.05
Blackadder, Edward Liberal Halifax, Nova Scotia 1921.12.06
Blackburn, Derek Nigel Ernest New Democratic Party Brant, Ontario 1971.05.31
Blackburn, Jean-Pierre Progressive Conservative Jonquière, Quebec 1984.09.04
Blackburn, Robert Liberal Russell, Ontario 1874.01.22
Blackmore, John Horne Social Credit Lethbridge, Alberta 1935.10.14
Blain, Richard Conservative (1867-1942) Peel, Ontario 1900.11.07
Blair, Duncan Gordon Liberal Grenville--Carleton, Ontario 1968.06.25
Blais, François (Frank) Independent Liberal Chapleau, Quebec 1935.10.14
Blais, Jean-Jacques Liberal Nipissing, Ontario 1972.10.30
Blaker, Roderick Liberal Lachine, Quebec 1972.10.30
Blanchard, Stanislas Liberal Restigouche--Madawaska, New Brunswick 1926.09.14
Blanchard, Théotime Conservative (1867-1942) Gloucester, New Brunswick 1894.05.05
Blanchet, Jean Baptiste Liberal St. Hyacinthe, Quebec 1904.02.16
Blanchet, Joseph-Godric Liberal-Conservative Lévis, Quebec 1867.09.20
Blanchette, Denis New Democratic Party Louis-Hébert, Quebec 2011.05.02
Blanchette, Joseph-Adéodat Liberal Compton, Quebec 1935.10.14
Blanchette-Lamothe, Lysane New Democratic Party Pierrefonds--Dollard, Quebec 2011.05.02
Blaney, Rachel New Democratic Party North Island--Powell River, British Columbia 2015.10.19
Blatchford, Kenneth Alexander Liberal Edmonton East, Alberta 1926.09.14
Block, Kelly Conservative Saskatoon--Rosetown--Biggar, Saskatchewan 2008.10.14
Blondeau, Charles Bruno Conservative (1867-1942) Kamouraska, Quebec 1882.06.20
Bloomfield, Garnet McCallum Liberal London--Middlesex, Ontario 1980.02.18
Blue, Donald Buchanan Liberal Bruce, Ontario 1949.06.27
Bock, William George Liberal Maple Creek, Saskatchewan 1927.11.25
Bockstael, Robert Theodore Liberal St. Boniface, Manitoba 1979.05.22
Boisvert, Maurice Liberal Nicolet--Yamaska, Quebec 1949.06.27
Boivin, Françoise Liberal Gatineau, Quebec 2004.06.28
Boivin, Marcel Liberal Shefford, Quebec 1945.06.11
Bolduc, Joseph Conservative (1867-1942) Beauce, Quebec 1876.10.18
Bonsant, France Bloc Québécois Compton--Stanstead, Quebec 2004.06.28
Bonwick, Paul Liberal Simcoe--Grey, Ontario 1997.06.02
Booth, Charles Stephen Liberal Winnipeg North, Manitoba 1940.03.26
Borden, Frederick William Liberal Kings, Nova Scotia 1874.01.22
Borg, Charmaine New Democratic Party Terrebonne--Blainville, Quebec 2011.05.02
Borotsik, Rick Progressive Conservative Brandon--Souris, Manitoba 1997.06.02
Boshcoff, Ken Liberal Thunder Bay--Rainy River, Ontario 2004.06.28
Bossy, Maurice Louis Liberal Kent, Ontario 1980.02.18
Bostock, Hewitt Liberal Yale--Cariboo, British Columbia 1896.06.23
Bothwell, Charles Edward Liberal Swift Current, Saskatchewan 1925.10.29
Bouchard, Benoît Progressive Conservative Roberval, Quebec 1984.09.04
Bouchard, Joseph Georges Liberal Kamouraska, Quebec 1922.05.15
Bouchard, Lucien Progressive Conservative Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec 1988.06.20
Bouchard, Robert Bloc Québécois Chicoutimi--Le Fjord, Quebec 2004.06.28
Boucher de Niverville, Louis-Charles Conservative (1867-1942) Three Rivers, Quebec 1867.09.20
Boucher, Aimé Liberal Yamaska, Quebec 1921.05.28
Boucher, George Russell Progressive Conservative Carleton, Ontario 1940.08.19
Boucher, Jean Liberal Châteauguay--Huntingdon--Laprairie, Quebec 1953.08.10
Boucher, Joseph Gaspard Liberal Restigouche--Madawaska, New Brunswick 1953.08.10
Boucher, Sylvie Conservative Beauport--Limoilou, Quebec 2006.01.23
Boucher, William Albert Liberal Rosthern, Saskatchewan 1948.10.25
Boudrias, Michel Bloc Québécois Terrebonne, Quebec 2015.10.19
Boulanger, Joseph Oscar Lefebre Liberal Bellechasse, Quebec 1926.09.14
Boulerice, Alexandre New Democratic Party Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie, Quebec 2011.05.02
Boulianne, Marc Bloc Québécois Mégantic--L'Érable, Quebec 2004.06.28
Bourassa, François Liberal St. John's, Quebec 1867.09.20
Bourbonnais, Marcel Progressive Conservative Vaudreuil--Soulanges, Quebec 1958.03.31
Bourgeois, Charles Conservative (1867-1942) Three Rivers--St. Maurice, Quebec 1931.08.10
Bourget, Maurice Liberal Lévis, Quebec 1940.03.26
Bowell, Mackenzie Conservative (1867-1942) Hastings North, Ontario 1867.09.20
Bowers, Edward Charles Liberal Digby, Nova Scotia 1891.03.05
Bowman, Isaac Erb Liberal Waterloo North, Ontario 1867.09.20
Boyce, Arthur Cyril Conservative (1867-1942) Algoma West, Ontario 1904.11.03
Boyce, George Unionist Carleton, Ontario 1917.12.17
Boyer, Patrick Progressive Conservative Etobicoke--Lakeshore, Ontario 1984.09.04
Bracken, John Progressive Conservative Neepawa, Manitoba 1945.06.11
Bradley, Frederick Gordon Liberal Bonavista--Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador 1949.06.27
Bradshaw, Claudette Liberal Moncton, New Brunswick 1997.06.02
Brady, James Charles Conservative (1867-1942) Skeena, British Columbia 1926.09.14
Brand, Lewis Mackenzie Progressive Conservative Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1965.11.08
Brassard, Vincent Progressive Conservative Chicoutimi, Quebec 1958.03.31
Brasset, Maurice Liberal Gaspé, Quebec 1930.07.28
Breaugh, Michael James New Democratic Party Oshawa, Ontario 1990.08.13
Brecken, Frederick de St Croix Conservative (1867-1942) Queen's County, Prince Edward Island 1878.09.17
Breitkreuz, Cliff N. Reform Yellowhead, Alberta 1993.10.25
Breton, Maurice Liberal Joliette--l'Assomption--Montcalm, Quebec 1950.10.03
Brewin, Francis Andrew New Democratic Party Greenwood, Ontario 1962.06.18
Bridges, Hedley Francis Gregory Liberal York--Sunbury, New Brunswick 1945.06.11
Brisco, Robert Hylton Progressive Conservative Kootenay West, British Columbia 1974.07.08
Brison, Scott Progressive Conservative Kings--Hants, Nova Scotia 1997.06.02
Brock, William Rees Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto Centre, Ontario 1900.11.07
Brousseau, Jean Docile Conservative (1867-1942) Portneuf, Quebec 1867.09.20
Brown, James Pollock Liberal Châteauguay, Quebec 1891.03.05
Brown, Patrick W. Conservative Barrie, Ontario 2006.01.23
Bruce, Francis Carmichael Conservative (1867-1942) Hamilton, Ontario 1900.11.07
Bruce, Herbert Alexander National Government Parkdale, Ontario 1940.03.26
Bruchési, Gérard Progressive Conservative Beauharnois--Salaberry, Quebec 1958.03.31
Bryce, William Scottie Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Selkirk, Manitoba 1943.08.09
Buchanan, J. Judd Liberal London West, Ontario 1968.06.25
Buchanan, William Ashbury Liberal Medicine Hat, Alberta 1911.09.21
Buchanan, William Murdoch Liberal Cape Breton North and Victoria, Nova Scotia 1953.08.10
Buckley, John Francis Liberal Athabaska, Alberta 1930.07.28
Buell, Jacob Dockstader Liberal Brockville, Ontario 1872.10.12
Bunting, Christopher William Liberal-Conservative Welland, Ontario 1878.09.17
Bureau, Jacques Liberal Three Rivers and St. Maurice, Quebec 1900.11.07
Burghardt, John O. (Jack) Liberal London West, Ontario 1981.04.13
Burns, Kennedy Francis Liberal-Conservative Gloucester, New Brunswick 1882.06.20
Burpee, Charles Liberal Sunbury, New Brunswick 1867.09.20
Burpee, Isaac Liberal City and County of St. John, New Brunswick 1872.10.12
Burton, Francis Henry Conservative (1867-1942) Durham East, Ontario 1867.09.20
Butcher, Harry Liberal Last Mountain, Saskatchewan 1930.07.28
Caccia, Charles L. Liberal Davenport, Ontario 1968.06.25
Cadieu, Albert C. (Bert) Progressive Conservative Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan 1958.03.31
Cadieux, Léo Alphonse Joseph Liberal Terrebonne, Quebec 1962.06.18
Cadieux, Pierre H. Progressive Conservative Vaudreuil, Quebec 1984.09.04
Cadman, Chuck Reform Surrey North, British Columbia 1997.06.02
Cadman, Dona Conservative Surrey North, British Columbia 2008.10.14
Caesar-Chavannes, Celina Liberal Whitby, Ontario 2015.10.19
Cafik, Norman Augustine Liberal Ontario, Ontario 1968.06.25
Cahan, Charles Hazlitt Conservative (1867-1942) St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec 1925.10.29
Cahill, Frank S. Laurier Liberal Pontiac, Quebec 1917.12.17
Calandra, Paul Conservative Oak Ridges--Markham, Ontario 2008.10.14
Calder, James Alexander Unionist Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1917.12.17
Calder, Murray Liberal Wellington--Grey--Dufferin--Simcoe, Ontario 1993.10.25
Caldwell, James Eber Progressive Conservative Essex--Kent, Ontario 1984.09.04
Caldwell, Thomas Boyd Liberal Lanark North, Ontario 1904.11.03
Caldwell, Thomas Wakem United Farmers Victoria--Carleton, New Brunswick 1919.10.27
Caldwell, William Murray Liberal Restigouche, New Brunswick 1868.03.13
Calkins, Blaine Conservative Wetaskiwin, Alberta 2006.01.23
Callbeck, Catherine S. Liberal Malpeque, Prince Edward Island 1988.11.21
Calvert, William Samuel Liberal Middlesex West, Ontario 1896.06.23
Calvin, Hiram Augustus Independent Conservative Frontenac, Ontario 1892.06.10
Cameron, Alan John Patrick Liberal High Park, Ontario 1949.06.27
Cameron, Colin Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Nanaimo, British Columbia 1953.08.10
Cameron, Daniel Alexander Liberal Cape Breton North and Victoria, Nova Scotia 1935.10.14
Cameron, Donald Mackenzie Liberal Middlesex West, Ontario 1883.12.14
Cameron, Donald Niel (Don) Progressive Conservative Kamloops--Shuswap, British Columbia 1979.05.22
Cameron, Hector Conservative (1867-1942) Victoria North, Ontario 1875.09.17
Cameron, Hugh Anti-Confederate Inverness, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
Cameron, John Charles Alexander Liberal Hastings South, Ontario 1935.10.14
Cameron, John Hillyard Conservative (1867-1942) Peel, Ontario 1867.09.20
Cameron, Malcolm Liberal Ontario South, Ontario 1874.01.22
Cameron, Malcolm Colin Liberal Huron South, Ontario 1867.09.20
Campagnolo, Iona Liberal Skeena, British Columbia 1974.07.08
Campbell, A. Kim Progressive Conservative Vancouver Centre, British Columbia 1988.11.21
Campbell, Alexander Maxwell (Max) Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) The Battlefords, Saskatchewan 1945.06.11
Campbell, Archibald Liberal Kent, Ontario 1887.02.22
Campbell, Barry R. Liberal St. Paul's, Ontario 1993.10.25
Campbell, Charles James Conservative (1867-1942) Victoria, Nova Scotia 1874.12.17
Campbell, Colin Alexander Liberal Frontenac--Addington, Ontario 1934.09.24
Campbell, Coline M. Liberal South Western Nova, Nova Scotia 1974.07.08
Campbell, Ernest John Progressive Conservative Lambton--Kent, Ontario 1957.06.10
Campbell, Glenlyon Conservative (1867-1942) Dauphin, Manitoba 1908.10.26
Campbell, Grant Progressive Conservative Stormont, Ontario 1958.03.31
Campbell, John Liberal Lasalle, Quebec 1972.10.30
Campbell, John Conservative (1867-1942) Digby, Nova Scotia 1887.02.22
Campbell, John Archibald Unionist Nelson, Manitoba 1917.12.17
Campbell, Milton Neil Progressive Mackenzie, Saskatchewan 1921.12.06
Campbell, Robert Liberal Renfrew South, Ontario 1882.06.20
Campbell, Stewart Anti-Confederate Guysborough, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
Campbell, W. Bennett Liberal Cardigan, Prince Edward Island 1981.04.13
Campbell, William (Bill) Progressive Conservative Sarnia, Ontario 1979.05.22
Campeau, Charles-Édouard Progressive Conservative Saint-Jacques, Quebec 1958.03.31
Campney, Ralph Osborne Liberal Vancouver Centre, British Columbia 1949.06.27
Cannan, Ronald Conservative Kelowna--Lake Country, British Columbia 2006.01.23
Cannings, Richard New Democratic Party South Okanagan--West Kootenay, British Columbia 2015.10.19
Cannis, John Liberal Scarborough Centre, Ontario 1993.10.25
Cannon, Charles-Arthur Dumoulin Liberal Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec 1949.06.27
Cannon, Lawrence Conservative Pontiac, Quebec 2006.01.23
Little, William Carruthers Liberal-Conservative Simcoe South, Ontario 1867.09.20
Littlechild, Wilton (Willie) Progressive Conservative Wetaskiwin, Alberta 1988.11.21
Lockhart, Alaina Liberal Fundy Royal, New Brunswick 2015.10.19
Lockhart, Norman James Macdonald Conservative (1867-1942) Lincoln, Ontario 1935.10.14
Lockyer, Edward Russell Progressive Conservative Trinity, Ontario 1958.03.31
Logan, Hance James Liberal Cumberland, Nova Scotia 1896.06.23
Loney, Edison John Clayton Progressive Conservative Bruce, Ontario 1963.04.08
Long, Charles Edwin Unionist (Liberal) North Battleford, Saskatchewan 1917.12.17
Lonsdale, Bruce Liberal Timiskaming, Ontario 1980.02.18
Lopez, Ricardo Progressive Conservative Châteauguay, Quebec 1984.09.04
Loucks, William John Conservative (1867-1942) Rosetown, Saskatchewan 1930.07.28
Lovell, Charles Henry Liberal Stanstead, Quebec 1908.01.22
Lowther, Eric Reform Calgary Centre, Alberta 1997.06.02
Lucas, William Thomas United Farmers of Alberta Victoria, Alberta 1921.12.06
Luchkovich, Michael United Farmers of Alberta Vegreville, Alberta 1926.09.14
Lumley, Edward C. Liberal Stormont--Dundas, Ontario 1974.07.08
Lussier, Marcel Bloc Québécois Brossard--La Prairie, Quebec 2006.01.23
Lynch, James S. Liberal Marquette, Manitoba 1871.03.02
Macaluso, Joseph Angelo Liberal Hamilton West, Ontario 1963.04.08
MacAulay, Lawrence Liberal Cardigan, Prince Edward Island 1988.11.21
MacBain, Arthur Allister Liberal Niagara Falls, Ontario 1980.02.18
MacDiarmid, William Burton Liberal Glengarry, Ontario 1940.03.26
Macdonald, Albert Frederick Liberal Edmonton East, Alberta 1949.06.27
Macdonald, Alexander Barrett Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Vancouver Kingsway, British Columbia 1957.06.10
Macdonald, Alexander Francis Liberal Cornwall, Ontario 1874.01.22
Macdonald, Angus Lewis Liberal Kingston City, Ontario 1940.08.12
Macdonald, Angus Ronald Progressive Conservative Antigonish--Guysborough, Nova Scotia 1957.06.10
Macdonald, Archibald John Liberal Glengarry, Ontario 1925.10.29
Macdonald, Augustine Colin Liberal-Conservative King's County, Prince Edward Island 1873.09.29
MacDonald, Daniel Joseph Liberal Cardigan, Prince Edward Island 1972.10.30
MacDonald, David Samuel Horne Progressive Conservative Prince, Prince Edward Island 1965.11.08
Macdonald, Donald Alexander Liberal Glengarry, Ontario 1867.09.20
Macdonald, Donald Stovel Liberal Rosedale, Ontario 1962.06.18
Macdonald, Edward Mortimer Liberal Pictou, Nova Scotia 1904.11.03
MacDonald, Finlay Conservative (1867-1942) Cape Breton South, Nova Scotia 1925.10.29
MacDonald, Flora Isabel Progressive Conservative Kingston and the Islands, Ontario 1972.10.30
Macdonald, Hugh John Liberal-Conservative Winnipeg, Manitoba 1891.03.05
Macdonald, John Independent Liberal Toronto Centre, Ontario 1875.05.21
Macdonald, John Alexander Liberal-Conservative Kingston, Ontario 1867.09.20
Macdonald, John Alexander (1874-1948) Conservative (1867-1942) Kings, Prince Edward Island 1925.10.29
Macdonald, John Alexander (1883-1945) Conservative (1867-1942) Richmond--West Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1925.10.29
Macdonald, John Augustine Progressive Conservative Kings, Prince Edward Island 1957.06.10
Macdonald, John Sandfield Liberal Cornwall, Ontario 1867.09.20
Macdonald, Margaret Mary Progressive Conservative Kings, Prince Edward Island 1961.05.29
Macdonald, Peter Liberal Huron East, Ontario 1887.02.22
MacDonald, Ronald Liberal Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 1988.11.21
MacDonald, Wilbur Progressive Conservative Cardigan, Prince Edward Island 1979.05.22
Macdonald, William Chisholm Liberal Halifax, Nova Scotia 1940.03.26
Macdonald, William Ross Liberal Brantford City, Ontario 1935.10.14
Macdonell, Angus Claude Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto South, Ontario 1904.11.03
Macdonell, Donald Greenfield Liberal Lanark North, Ontario 1880.01.22
Macdonell, George Hugh Conservative (1867-1942) Algoma, Ontario 1891.03.05
Macdonell, John Alexander Liberal Selkirk, Manitoba 1896.06.23
Macdonnell, James MacKerras Progressive Conservative Muskoka--Ontario, Ontario 1945.06.11
Macdougall, Colin Liberal Elgin East, Ontario 1874.08.11
MacDougall, Isaac Duncan Conservative (1867-1942) Inverness, Nova Scotia 1925.10.29
MacDougall, John Alexander Frances Progressive Conservative Timiskaming, Ontario 1982.10.12
MacDougall, John Lorne Liberal Vancouver--Burrard, British Columbia 1949.06.27
Macdowall, Day Hort Conservative (1867-1942) Saskatchewan (Provisional District), Northwest Territories 1887.02.22
MacEachen, Allan Joseph Liberal Inverness--Richmond, Nova Scotia 1953.08.10
MacEwan, Howard Russell Progressive Conservative Pictou, Nova Scotia 1957.06.10
MacFarlane, Angus (Gus) Liberal Hamilton Mountain, Ontario 1974.07.08
MacFarlane, Robert Liberal Perth South, Ontario 1867.09.20
MacGregor, Alistair New Democratic Party Cowichan--Malahat--Langford, British Columbia 2015.10.19
MacGuigan, Mark R. Liberal Windsor--Walkerville, Ontario 1968.06.25
MacInnis, Angus Independent Labour Vancouver South, British Columbia 1930.07.28
MacInnis, Donald Progressive Conservative Cape Breton South, Nova Scotia 1957.06.10
MacInnis, Malcolm New Democratic Party Cape Breton South, Nova Scotia 1962.06.18
MacInnis, Winona Grace New Democratic Party Vancouver Kingsway, British Columbia 1965.11.08
Mackasey, Bryce Stuart Liberal Verdun, Quebec 1962.06.18
MacKay, Elmer MacIntosh Progressive Conservative Central Nova, Nova Scotia 1971.05.31
Mackay, Newton LeGayet Conservative (1867-1942) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1872.10.12
MacKay, Peter Gordon Progressive Conservative Pictou--Antigonish--Guysborough, Nova Scotia 1997.06.02
MacKeen, David Conservative (1867-1942) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1887.02.22
MacKelvie, John Armstrong Conservative (1867-1942) Yale, British Columbia 1920.11.22
Mackenzie, Alexander Liberal Lambton, Ontario 1867.09.20
MacKenzie, Dave Conservative Oxford, Ontario 2004.06.28
Mackenzie, Frederick Liberal Montreal West, Quebec 1874.01.22
MacKenzie, Frederick Donald Liberal Neepawa, Manitoba 1935.10.14
MacKenzie, Hugh Alexander Liberal Lambton--Kent, Ontario 1935.10.14
Mackenzie, Ian Alistair Liberal Vancouver Centre, British Columbia 1930.07.28
Mackie, Henry Arthur Unionist Edmonton East, Alberta 1917.12.17
Mackie, Herbert John Unionist Renfrew North, Ontario 1917.12.17
Mackie, Thomas Liberal Renfrew North, Ontario 1896.06.23
Mackinnon, Donald Alexander Liberal East Queen's, Prince Edward Island 1900.11.07
MacKinnon, George Ernest Lawson National Government Kootenay East, British Columbia 1940.03.26
MacKinnon, James Angus Liberal Edmonton West, Alberta 1935.10.14
MacKinnon, Steven Liberal Gatineau, Quebec 2015.10.19
Mackintosh, Charles Herbert Conservative (1867-1942) Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1882.06.20
Macklin, Paul Harold Liberal Northumberland, Ontario 2000.11.27
MacLaren, Alexander Ferguson Conservative (1867-1942) Perth North, Ontario 1896.06.23
MacLaren, Murray Conservative (1867-1942) St. John--Albert, New Brunswick 1921.12.06
MacLaren, Roy Liberal Etobicoke North, Ontario 1979.05.22
Maclaren, William Scott Liberal Huntingdon, Quebec 1900.11.07
Maclean, Alexander Kenneth Liberal Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 1904.11.03
MacLean, Alfred Edgar Liberal Prince, Prince Edward Island 1921.12.06
MacLean, John Angus Progressive Conservative Queen's, Prince Edward Island 1951.06.25
MacLean, John Douglas Campbell Progressive Conservative Winnipeg North Centre, Manitoba 1958.03.31
MacLean, Matthew Liberal Cape Breton North and Victoria, Nova Scotia 1937.10.18
Maclean, William Findlay Conservative (1867-1942) York East, Ontario 1892.05.11
MacLellan, Robert Simpson Progressive Conservative Inverness--Richmond, Nova Scotia 1958.03.31
MacLellan, Russell Gregoire Liberal Cape Breton--The Sydneys, Nova Scotia 1979.05.22
MacLennan, Donald Liberal Inverness--Richmond, Nova Scotia 1935.10.14
Maclennan, James Liberal Victoria North, Ontario 1874.01.22
Macmaster, Donald Conservative (1867-1942) Glengarry, Ontario 1882.06.20
Macmillan, Cyrus Liberal Queen's, Prince Edward Island 1940.03.26
Macmillan, Duncan Liberal-Conservative Middlesex East, Ontario 1875.01.28
MacMillan, Frank Roland Conservative (1867-1942) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1930.07.28
MacMillan, John Angus Liberal Mackenzie, Saskatchewan 1933.10.23
MacNaught, John Watson Liberal Prince, Prince Edward Island 1945.06.11
Macnaughton, Alan Aylesworth Liberal Mount Royal, Quebec 1949.06.27
MacNeil, Charles Grant Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Vancouver North, British Columbia 1935.10.14
MacNicol, John Ritchie Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto Northwest, Ontario 1930.07.28
MacNutt, George Taylor Conservative (1867-1942) Colchester, Nova Scotia 1925.10.29
MacNutt, Thomas Liberal Saltcoats, Saskatchewan 1908.10.26
Macphail, Agnes Campbell Progressive Grey Southeast, Ontario 1921.12.06
Macpherson, Robert George Liberal Burrard, British Columbia 1903.02.04
MacPherson, Thomas Henry Liberal Hamilton, Ontario 1896.06.23
Macquarrie, Heath Nelson Progressive Conservative Queen's, Prince Edward Island 1957.06.10
MacRae, John Chester Progressive Conservative York--Sunbury, New Brunswick 1957.06.10
MacRae, John David Liberal Glengarry, Ontario 1935.10.14
MacWilliam, Lyle Dean New Democratic Party Okanagan--Shuswap, British Columbia 1988.11.21
Madore, Joseph Alexandre Camille Liberal Hochelaga, Quebec 1896.06.23
Magill, Charles Liberal Hamilton, Ontario 1867.09.20
Magrath, Charles Alexander Conservative (1867-1942) Medicine Hat, Alberta 1908.10.26
Maharg, John Archibald Independent Maple Creek, Saskatchewan 1917.12.17
Mahoney, Patrick Morgan Liberal Calgary South, Alberta 1968.06.25
Mailly, Claudy Progressive Conservative Gatineau, Quebec 1984.09.04
Maine, Francis William (Frank) Liberal Wellington, Ontario 1974.07.08
Major, Charles Beautron Liberal Labelle, Quebec 1907.12.23
Malcolm, James Liberal Bruce North, Ontario 1921.12.06
Malcolmson, Sheila New Democratic Party Nanaimo--Ladysmith, British Columbia 2015.10.19
Malépart, Jean-Claude Liberal Sainte-Marie, Quebec 1979.05.22
Malo, Luc Bloc Québécois Verchères--Les Patriotes, Quebec 2006.01.23
Malouin, Arthur Cyrille Albert Liberal Quebec-Centre, Quebec 1898.01.24
Malouin, Jacques Independent Quebec-Centre, Quebec 1877.11.03
Mancini, Peter New Democratic Party Sydney--Victoria, Nova Scotia 1997.06.02
Mandziuk, J. Nicholas (Nick) Progressive Conservative Marquette, Manitoba 1957.06.10
Marceau, Gilles Liberal Lapointe, Quebec 1968.06.25
Marceau, Richard Bloc Québécois Charlesbourg, Quebec 1997.06.02
Marchand, Jean Liberal Quebec West, Quebec 1965.11.08
Marchand, Jean-Paul Bloc Québécois Québec-Est, Quebec 1993.10.25
Marchand, Len Liberal Kamloops--Cariboo, British Columbia 1968.06.25
Marchi, Sergio Liberal York West, Ontario 1984.09.04
Marcil, Charles Liberal Bonaventure, Quebec 1900.11.07
Marcil, Serge Liberal Beauharnois--Salaberry, Quebec 2000.11.27
Marcil, Simon Bloc Québécois Mirabel, Quebec 2015.10.19
Marcile, Joseph Edmond Liberal Bagot, Quebec 1898.12.14
Marcotte, François Arthur Conservative (1867-1942) Champlain, Quebec 1896.06.23
Marcoux, Guy Social Credit Québec--Montmorency, Quebec 1962.06.18
Marin, Charles-Eugène Progressive Conservative Gaspé, Quebec 1984.09.04
Marler, George Carlyle Liberal Saint-Antoine--Westmount, Quebec 1954.11.08
Marshall, Jack Progressive Conservative Humber--St. George's--St. Barbe, Newfoundland and Labrador 1968.06.25
Martel, Jean-Jacques Progressive Conservative Chapleau, Quebec 1958.03.31
Martin, Médéric Liberal St. Mary, Quebec 1906.11.21
Martin, Peter Francis Unionist Halifax, Nova Scotia 1917.12.17
Massé, Marcel Liberal Hull--Aylmer, Quebec 1993.10.25
Masse, Marcel Progressive Conservative Frontenac, Quebec 1984.09.04
Masson, Louis-François-Rodrigue Conservative (1867-1942) Terrebonne, Quebec 1867.09.20
Masson, Luc Hyacinthe Conservative (1867-1942) Soulanges, Quebec 1867.09.20
Masters, John Gerald (Jack) Liberal Thunder Bay--Nipigon, Ontario 1980.02.18
Mathieu, Michel Conservative (1867-1942) Richelieu, Quebec 1872.10.12
Matthews, Robert Charles Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto East Centre, Ontario 1926.09.14
Maxwell, George Ritchie Liberal Burrard, British Columbia 1896.06.23
Mayer, Charles James Progressive Conservative Portage--Marquette, Manitoba 1979.05.22
Mayes, Colin Conservative Okanagan--Shuswap, British Columbia 2006.01.23
McAdam, John Liberal-Conservative Charlotte, New Brunswick 1872.10.12
McAlister, Duncan Hamilton Liberal King's and Albert, New Brunswick 1908.10.26
McAlister, John Liberal-Conservative Restigouche, New Brunswick 1891.03.05
McAvity, Allan Getchell Liberal St. John--Albert, New Brunswick 1938.02.21
McBain, James Alexander Progressive Conservative Elgin, Ontario 1954.03.22
McBride, Murray Arndell Liberal Lanark and Renfrew, Ontario 1968.06.25
McBride, Thomas George Progressive Cariboo, British Columbia 1921.12.06
McCain, Fred Alward Progressive Conservative Carleton--Charlotte, New Brunswick 1972.10.30
McCall, Alexander Conservative (1867-1942) Norfolk, Ontario 1908.10.26
McCallum, Angus Neil Liberal Frontenac--Addington, Ontario 1937.11.01
McCallum, John Liberal Markham, Ontario 2000.11.27
McCallum, Lachlin Liberal-Conservative Monck, Ontario 1867.09.20
McCann, James Joseph Liberal Renfrew South, Ontario 1935.10.14
McCarthy, D'Alton Conservative (1867-1942) Cardwell, Ontario 1876.12.14
McCarthy, Leighton Goldie Independent Simcoe North, Ontario 1898.12.14
McCarthy, Maitland Stewart Conservative (1867-1942) Calgary, Northwest Territories 1904.11.03
McCarthy, Thomas Conservative (1867-1942) Richelieu, Quebec 1867.09.20
McCauley, Gary Francis Liberal Moncton, New Brunswick 1979.05.22
McCauley, Kelly Conservative Edmonton West, Alberta 2015.10.19
McCleary, William Conservative (1867-1942) Welland, Ontario 1896.06.23
McCleave, Robert Jardine Progressive Conservative Halifax, Nova Scotia 1957.06.10
McClelland, Ian G. Reform Edmonton Southwest, Alberta 1993.10.25
McClenaghan, Stewart Conservative (1867-1942) Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1925.10.29
McClure, Firman Liberal Colchester, Nova Scotia 1897.04.20
McCoig, Archibald Blake Liberal Kent West, Ontario 1908.10.26
McColeman, Phil Conservative Brant, Ontario 2008.10.14
McColl, John B. Liberal Northumberland West, Ontario 1900.11.07
McConica, Thomas Henry Progressive Battleford, Saskatchewan 1921.12.06
McConkey, Thomas David Liberal Simcoe North, Ontario 1867.09.20
McConville, Lewis Arthur Conservative (1867-1942) Joliette, Quebec 1880.12.09
McCool, Charles Arthur Liberal Nipissing, Ontario 1900.11.07
McCormick, George Liberal-Conservative Muskoka and Parry Sound, Ontario 1896.06.23
McCormick, Larry Liberal Hastings--Frontenac--Lennox and Addington, Ontario 1993.10.25
McCraney, George Ewan Liberal Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan 1906.02.06
McCraney, William Liberal Halton, Ontario 1875.01.25
McCrea, Francis N. Liberal Sherbrooke (Town of), Quebec 1911.09.21
McCreary, William Forsythe Liberal Selkirk, Manitoba 1900.11.07
McCreath, Peter L. Progressive Conservative South Shore, Nova Scotia 1988.11.21
McCrimmon, Karen Liberal Kanata--Carleton, Ontario 2015.10.19
McCrossan, William Paul Joseph Progressive Conservative York--Scarborough, Ontario 1978.10.16
McCuaig, Duncan Fletcher Liberal Simcoe North, Ontario 1935.10.14
McCuaig, Duncan John Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Maple Creek, Saskatchewan 1945.06.11
McCuaig, James Simeon Conservative (1867-1942) Prince Edward, Ontario 1878.09.17
McCubbin, Robert Liberal Middlesex West, Ontario 1940.03.26
McCuish, Robert Lorne Progressive Conservative Prince George--Bulkley Valley, British Columbia 1979.05.22
McCulla, William Armstrong Conservative (1867-1942) Peel, Ontario 1887.02.22
McCulloch, Henry Byron Liberal Pictou, Nova Scotia 1935.10.14
McCullough, Edward George Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Assiniboia, Saskatchewan 1945.06.11
McCurdy, Fleming Blanchard Conservative (1867-1942) Shelburne and Queen's, Nova Scotia 1911.09.21
McCurdy, Howard Douglas New Democratic Party Windsor--Walkerville, Ontario 1984.09.04
McCusker, Emmett Andrew Liberal Regina City, Saskatchewan 1949.06.27
McCutcheon, Maclyn (Mac) Thomas Progressive Conservative Lambton--Kent, Ontario 1963.04.08
McDade, George Manning Conservative (1867-1942) Northumberland, New Brunswick 1930.07.28
McDermand, Sydney Smith United Farmers of Ontario Elgin East, Ontario 1920.11.22
McDermid, John Horton Progressive Conservative Brampton--Georgetown, Ontario 1979.05.22
McDiarmid, John Stewart Liberal Winnipeg South, Manitoba 1926.09.14
McDonald, Angus Independent Timiskaming, Ontario 1920.04.07
McDonald, Angus Peter Conservative (1867-1942) Middlesex West, Ontario 1867.09.20
McDonald, Charles Liberal Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1925.10.29
McDonald, Duncan Liberal Victoria, Nova Scotia 1878.09.17
McDonald, Edmund Mortimer Anti-Confederate Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
McDonald, George William Liberal Progressive Souris, Manitoba 1935.10.14
McDonald, Hugh Anti-Confederate Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
McDonald, James Conservative (1867-1942) Pictou, Nova Scotia 1872.10.12
McDonald, John Archibald Conservative (1867-1942) Victoria, Nova Scotia 1887.02.22
McDonald, Ken Liberal Avalon, Newfoundland and Labrador 2015.10.19
McDonald, Lynn New Democratic Party Broadview--Greenwood, Ontario 1982.10.12
McDonald, Robert Matthew Turnbull Progressive Conservative Hamilton South, Ontario 1957.06.10
McDonald, Wallace Reginald Liberal Pontiac, Quebec 1935.10.14
McDonald, Wilfred Kennedy "Bucko" Liberal Parry Sound, Ontario 1945.06.11
McDonald, William Conservative (1867-1942) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1872.10.12
McDonald, William Walter Conservative (1867-1942) Assiniboia East, Northwest Territories 1892.11.21
McDonnell, Samuel Conservative (1867-1942) Inverness, Nova Scotia 1872.10.12
McDonough, Alexa New Democratic Party Halifax, Nova Scotia 1997.06.02
McDougald, John Liberal-Conservative Pictou, Nova Scotia 1881.06.18
McDougall, Barbara Jean Progressive Conservative St. Paul's, Ontario 1984.09.04
McDougall, Hector Francis Liberal-Conservative Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1884.07.03
McDougall, John Lorn Liberal Renfrew South, Ontario 1869.07.12
McDougall, William Conservative (1867-1942) Three Rivers, Quebec 1868.10.17
McDougall, William Liberal-Conservative Lanark North, Ontario 1867.09.20
McEwen, George Liberal Huron South, Ontario 1900.11.07
McFarlane, Murray Lincoln Progressive Conservative Kootenay East, British Columbia 1958.03.31
McGarry, Moses Elijah Liberal Inverness--Richmond, Nova Scotia 1940.03.26
McGee, Frank Charles Progressive Conservative York--Scarborough, Ontario 1957.06.10
McGee, Thomas D'Arcy Liberal-Conservative Montreal West, Quebec 1867.09.20
McGeer, Gerald Grattan Liberal Vancouver--Burrard, British Columbia 1935.10.14
McGibbon, James Wright Liberal Argenteuil, Quebec 1940.03.26
McGibbon, Peter Unionist Muskoka, Ontario 1917.12.17
McGibbon, Peter Robert Laurier Liberal Argenteuil, Quebec 1917.12.17
McGillis, Angus Conservative (1867-1942) Glengarry, Ontario 1930.07.28
McGillivray, John Alexander Liberal-Conservative Ontario North, Ontario 1895.12.12
McGiverin, Harold Buchanan Liberal Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1908.10.26
McGowan, John Liberal-Conservative Wellington Centre, Ontario 1900.11.07
McGrath, James Aloysius Progressive Conservative St. John's East, Newfoundland and Labrador 1957.06.10
McGreevy, Thomas Liberal-Conservative Quebec West, Quebec 1867.09.20
McGregor, Alexander Unionist Pictou, Nova Scotia 1917.12.17
McGregor, Robert Henry Conservative (1867-1942) York South, Ontario 1926.09.14
McGregor, William Liberal Essex, Ontario 1874.01.22
McGugan, Malcolm Liberal Middlesex South, Ontario 1896.06.23
McGuinty, David Liberal Ottawa South, Ontario 2004.06.28
McGuire, Joseph Blair (Joe) Liberal Egmont, Prince Edward Island 1988.11.21
McHugh, George Liberal Victoria South, Ontario 1896.06.23
McIlraith, George James Liberal Ottawa West, Ontario 1940.03.26
McInerney, George Valentine Liberal-Conservative Kent, New Brunswick 1892.12.06
McInnes, Stewart Donald Progressive Conservative Halifax, Nova Scotia 1984.09.04
McInnes, Thomas Robert Independent New Westminster, British Columbia 1878.03.25
Cannon, Lucien Laurier Liberal Dorchester, Quebec 1917.12.17
Cantelon, Reginald (Reg) Progressive Conservative Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1963.04.08
Cantin, Jean-Charles Liberal Quebec South, Quebec 1962.06.18
Cantley, Thomas Conservative (1867-1942) Pictou, Nova Scotia 1925.10.29
Canuel, René Bloc Québécois Matapédia--Matane, Quebec 1993.10.25
Caouette, Armand Social Credit Villeneuve, Quebec 1974.07.08
Caouette, David Réal Social Credit Pontiac, Quebec 1946.09.16
Caouette, Gilles Social Credit Charlevoix, Quebec 1972.10.30
Caplan, Elinor Liberal Thornhill, Ontario 1997.06.02
Carbonneau, Onésiphore Liberal L'Islet, Quebec 1902.01.15
Cardiff, Lewis Elston National Government Huron North, Ontario 1940.03.26
Cardiff, Murray Progressive Conservative Huron--Bruce, Ontario 1980.02.18
Cardin, Louis-Joseph-Lucien Liberal Richelieu--Verchères, Quebec 1952.10.06
Cardin, Pierre-Joseph-Arthur Liberal Richelieu, Quebec 1911.09.21
Cardin, Serge Bloc Québécois Sherbrooke, Quebec 1998.09.14
Cargill, Henry Conservative (1867-1942) Bruce East, Ontario 1887.02.22
Carignan, Jean Guy Liberal Québec East, Quebec 2000.11.27
Carignan, Onésime Conservative (1867-1942) Champlain, Quebec 1891.03.05
Carling, John Liberal-Conservative London, Ontario 1867.09.20
Carmichael, Archibald M. Progressive Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1921.12.06
Carmichael, James William Anti-Confederate Pictou, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
Carmichael, John Conservative Don Valley West, Ontario 2011.05.02
Carney, Michael Liberal Halifax, Nova Scotia 1904.11.03
Carney, Pat Progressive Conservative Vancouver Centre, British Columbia 1980.02.18
Caron, Adolphe-Philippe Conservative (1867-1942) Quebec County, Quebec 1873.03.28
Caron, Alexis Pierre Liberal Hull, Quebec 1953.08.10
Caron, André Bloc Québécois Jonquière, Quebec 1993.10.25
Caron, George Conservative (1867-1942) Maskinongé, Quebec 1867.09.20
Caron, Guy New Democratic Party Rimouski-Neigette--Témiscouata--Les Basques, Quebec 2011.05.02
Caron, Jean-Baptiste Thomas Liberal Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1907.12.23
Caron, Pierre Liberal Hull, Quebec 1967.05.29
Caron, Yves Liberal Beauce, Quebec 1972.10.30
Carpenter, Franklin Metcalfe Conservative (1867-1942) Wentworth South, Ontario 1887.02.22
Carr, Gary Liberal Halton, Ontario 2004.06.28
Carr, James Gordon Liberal Winnipeg South Centre, Manitoba 2015.10.19
Carrick, Donald D. Liberal Trinity, Ontario 1954.11.08
Carrick, John James Conservative (1867-1942) Thunder Bay and Rainy River, Ontario 1911.09.21
Carrie, Colin Conservative Oshawa, Ontario 2004.06.28
Carrier, Louis Auguste Liberal Lévis, Quebec 1905.06.06
Carrier, Robert Bloc Québécois Alfred-Pellan, Quebec 2004.06.28
Carroll, Henry George Liberal Kamouraska, Quebec 1891.03.05
Carroll, M. Aileen Liberal Barrie--Simcoe--Bradford, Ontario 1997.06.02
Carroll, William F. Liberal Cape Breton South, Nova Scotia 1911.09.21
Carruthers, John W. Liberal Algoma East, Ontario 1921.12.06
Carscallen, Alexander Augustus Williamson Conservative (1867-1942) Hastings North, Ontario 1892.12.20
Carter, Chesley William Liberal Burin--Burgeo, Newfoundland and Labrador 1949.06.27
Carter, Edward Brock Conservative (1867-1942) Brome, Quebec 1871.11.17
Carter, Walter C. Progressive Conservative St. John's West, Newfoundland and Labrador 1968.06.25
Cartier, George-Étienne Liberal-Conservative Montreal East, Quebec 1867.09.20
Cartwright, Richard John Conservative (1867-1942) Lennox, Ontario 1867.09.20
Carvell, Frank Broadstreet Liberal Carleton, New Brunswick 1904.11.03
Casault, Louis Napoléon Conservative (1867-1942) Bellechasse, Quebec 1867.09.20
Case, Wilfrid Garfield Progressive Conservative Grey North, Ontario 1945.02.05
Casey, George Elliott Liberal Elgin West, Ontario 1872.10.12
Casey, Sean Liberal Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 2011.05.02
Casey, William D. (Bill) Progressive Conservative Cumberland--Colchester, Nova Scotia 1988.11.21
Casgrain, Philippe Baby Liberal L'Islet, Quebec 1872.10.12
Casgrain, Pierre-François Laurier Liberal Charlevoix--Montmorency, Quebec 1917.12.17
Casgrain, Thomas Chase Conservative (1867-1942) Montmorency, Quebec 1896.06.23
Cash, Andrew New Democratic Party Davenport, Ontario 2011.05.02
Cash, Edward L. Liberal Mackenzie, Northwest Territories 1904.11.03
Cashin, Richard Joseph Liberal St. John's West, Newfoundland and Labrador 1962.06.18
Casselman, Arza Clair Conservative (1867-1942) Grenville, Ontario 1921.12.06
Casselman, Cora Taylor Liberal Edmonton East, Alberta 1941.06.02
Casselman, Frederick Clayton Liberal Edmonton East, Alberta 1940.03.26
Casselman, Orren D. Unionist Dundas, Ontario 1917.12.17
Cassidy, Michael Morris New Democratic Party Ottawa Centre, Ontario 1984.09.04
Casson, Rick Reform Lethbridge, Alberta 1997.06.02
Castleden, George Hugh Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Yorkton, Saskatchewan 1940.03.26
Caston, Douglas Marmaduke Progressive Conservative Jasper--Edson, Alberta 1967.11.06
Castonguay, Jeannot Liberal Madawaska--Restigouche, New Brunswick 2000.11.27
Cathers, Cecil A. (Tiny) Progressive Conservative York North, Ontario 1957.06.10
Catherwood, A. Earl Progressive Conservative Haldimand, Ontario 1949.06.27
Catterall, Marlene Liberal Ottawa West, Ontario 1988.11.21
Catudal, Médéric Liberal Napierville, Quebec 1882.06.20
Cauchon, Joseph Édouard Conservative (1867-1942) Montmorency, Quebec 1867.09.20
Cauchon, Martin Liberal Outremont, Quebec 1993.10.25
Cauchon, Robert Liberal Beauharnois, Quebec 1949.06.27
Cavers, Harry Peter Liberal Lincoln, Ontario 1949.06.27
Cayley, Michael Conservative (1867-1942) Beauharnois, Quebec 1867.09.20
Cayley, Thomas Merritt Liberal Oxford South, Ontario 1926.09.14
Chabot, Benoît Independent Kamouraska, Quebec 1957.06.10
Chabot, John Léo Conservative (1867-1942) Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1911.09.21
Chadwick, Harry Progressive Conservative Brampton--Malton, Ontario 1988.11.21
Chagger, Bardish Liberal Waterloo, Ontario 2015.10.19
Chamberlain, Brenda Liberal Guelph--Wellington, Ontario 1993.10.25
Chamberlin, Brown Conservative (1867-1942) Missisquoi, Quebec 1867.09.20
Chambers, Alan Liberal Nanaimo, British Columbia 1940.03.26
Chambers, Egan Progressive Conservative St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec 1958.03.31
Champagne, Albert Liberal Battleford, Saskatchewan 1908.10.26
Champagne, Andrée Progressive Conservative Saint-Hyacinthe--Bagot, Quebec 1984.09.04
Champagne, François-Philippe Liberal Saint-Maurice--Champlain, Quebec 2015.10.19
Champagne, Louis Napoléon Liberal Wright, Quebec 1897.03.23
Champagne, Michel Progressive Conservative Champlain, Quebec 1984.09.04
Chan, Arnold Liberal Scarborough--Agincourt, Ontario 2014.06.30
Chan, Raymond Liberal Richmond, British Columbia 1993.10.25
Chandler, Edmund Leavens Liberal Brome, Quebec 1878.09.17
Chapdelaine, Gérard Social Credit Sherbrooke, Quebec 1962.06.18
Chapdelaine, Renaud Progressive Conservative Nicolet--Yamaska, Quebec 1949.02.07
Chapleau, Joseph Adolphe Conservative (1867-1942) Terrebonne, Quebec 1882.08.16
Chaplin, Alexander Dew Conservative (1867-1942) Kent, Ontario 1925.10.29
Chaplin, Gordon Progressive Conservative Waterloo South, Ontario 1962.06.18
Chaplin, James Dew Unionist Lincoln, Ontario 1917.12.17
Chappell, Hyliard G. Liberal Peel South, Ontario 1968.06.25
Charbonneau, Napoléon Liberal Jacques Cartier, Quebec 1895.11.30
Charbonneau, Yvon Liberal Anjou--Rivière-des-Prairies, Quebec 1997.06.02
Charest, Jean J. Progressive Conservative Sherbrooke, Quebec 1984.09.04
Charlton, Chris New Democratic Party Hamilton Mountain, Ontario 2006.01.23
Charlton, John Liberal Norfolk North, Ontario 1872.10.12
Charlton, John Alpheus Progressive Conservative Brant, Ontario 1945.06.11
Charlton, William Andrew Liberal Norfolk, Ontario 1911.09.21
Charters, Samuel Unionist Peel, Ontario 1917.12.17
Chartrand, Gilbert Progressive Conservative Verdun--Saint-Paul, Quebec 1984.09.04
Chatters, David Cameron Reform Athabasca, Alberta 1993.10.25
Chatterton, George Louis Progressive Conservative Esquimalt--Saanich, British Columbia 1961.05.29
Chatwood, Andrew Liberal Grand Falls--White Bay--Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador 1966.09.19
Chauveau, Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Conservative (1867-1942) Quebec County, Quebec 1867.09.20
Chauvin, Léon Adolphe Conservative (1867-1942) Terrebonne, Quebec 1896.06.23
Chen, Shaun Liberal Scarborough North, Ontario 2015.10.19
Chénier, Jacques Raymond (Ray) Liberal Timmins--Chapleau, Ontario 1979.05.22
Chesley, John Alexander Conservative (1867-1942) City and County of St. John, New Brunswick 1892.11.22
Cheval dit St-Jacques, Guillaume Liberal Rouville, Quebec 1867.09.20
Chevrier, Edgar-Rodolphe-Eugène Liberal Ottawa (City of), Ontario 1921.12.06
Chevrier, Lionel Liberal Stormont, Ontario 1935.10.14
Chew, Thomas Edward Manley Liberal Simcoe East, Ontario 1908.10.26
Chicoine, Sylvain New Democratic Party Châteauguay--Saint-Constant, Quebec 2011.05.02
Chipman, Leverett de Veber Liberal Kings, Nova Scotia 1870.06.23
Chipman, William Henry Anti-Confederate Kings, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
Chisholm, Alexander William Liberal Inverness, Nova Scotia 1908.10.26
Chisholm, Daniel Black Liberal-Conservative Hamilton, Ontario 1872.10.12
Chisholm, Donald Conservative (1867-1942) New Westminster, British Columbia 1887.02.22
Chisholm, Robert New Democratic Party Dartmouth--Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia 2011.05.02
Chisholm, Thomas Conservative (1867-1942) Huron East, Ontario 1904.11.03
Chisholm, William Liberal Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1905.11.22
Chisu, Corneliu Conservative Pickering--Scarborough East, Ontario 2011.05.02
Chong, Michael D. Conservative Wellington--Halton Hills, Ontario 2004.06.28
Choquette, Auguste Liberal Lotbinière, Quebec 1963.04.08
Choquette, François New Democratic Party Drummond, Quebec 2011.05.02
Choquette, Joseph Armand Bloc populaire canadien Stanstead, Quebec 1943.08.09
Choquette, Philippe Auguste Liberal Montmagny, Quebec 1887.02.22
Chouinard, Honoré Julien Jean-Baptiste Conservative (1867-1942) Dorchester, Quebec 1888.01.07
Chow, Olivia New Democratic Party Trinity--Spadina, Ontario 2006.01.23
Chown, Gordon Campbell Progressive Conservative Winnipeg South, Manitoba 1957.06.10
Chrétien, Jean-Guy Bloc Québécois Frontenac, Quebec 1993.10.25
Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean Liberal Saint-Maurice--Laflèche, Quebec 1963.04.08
Christian, Frank Claus Social Credit Okanagan Boundary, British Columbia 1957.06.10
Christie, Peter Conservative (1867-1942) Ontario South, Ontario 1904.11.03
Christie, Thomas Liberal Argenteuil, Quebec 1902.12.03
Christie, Thomas Liberal Argenteuil, Quebec 1875.12.31
Christopherson, David New Democratic Party Hamilton Centre, Ontario 2004.06.28
Church, Charles Edward Liberal Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 1872.10.12
Church, Thomas Langton Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto North, Ontario 1921.12.06
Churchill, Gordon Minto Progressive Conservative Winnipeg South Centre, Manitoba 1951.06.25
Cimon, Marie Honorius Ernest Conservative (1867-1942) Chicoutimi--Saguenay, Quebec 1874.01.22
Cimon, Simon Conservative (1867-1942) Charlevoix, Quebec 1887.09.28
Cimon, Simon Xavier Conservative (1867-1942) Charlevoix, Quebec 1867.09.20
Clancy, Gordon Drummond Progressive Conservative Yorkton, Saskatchewan 1958.03.31
Clancy, James Conservative (1867-1942) Bothwell, Ontario 1896.06.23
Clancy, Mary Catherine Liberal Halifax, Nova Scotia 1988.11.21
Clare, George Adam Conservative (1867-1942) Waterloo South, Ontario 1900.11.07
Clark, Charles Joseph Progressive Conservative Rocky Mountain, Alberta 1972.10.30
Clark, Hugh Conservative (1867-1942) Bruce North, Ontario 1911.09.21
Clark, John Liberal Grey North, Ontario 1896.06.23
Clark, John Arthur Conservative (1867-1942) Burrard, British Columbia 1921.12.06
Clark, Michael Liberal Red Deer, Alberta 1908.10.26
Clark, Stuart Murray Liberal Essex South, Ontario 1935.10.14
Clark, Walter Leland Rutherford (Lee) Progressive Conservative Brandon--Souris, Manitoba 1983.05.24
Clark, William George Liberal York--Sunbury, New Brunswick 1935.10.14
Clarke, Alfred Henry Liberal Essex South, Ontario 1904.11.03
Clarke, Alupa Conservative Beauport--Limoilou, Quebec 2015.10.19
Clarke, Edward Frederick Conservative (1867-1942) West Toronto, Ontario 1896.06.23
Clarke, Harry Gladstone Conservative (1867-1942) Rosedale, Ontario 1935.10.14
Clarke, Rob Conservative Desnethé--Missinippi--Churchill River, Saskatchewan 2008.03.17
Clarke, William Aurelius Conservative (1867-1942) Wellington North, Ontario 1911.09.21
Clarke, William Hillary (Bill) Progressive Conservative Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia 1972.10.30
Clavet, Roger Bloc Québécois Louis-Hébert, Quebec 2004.06.28
Claxton, Brooke Liberal St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec 1940.03.26
Clayes, George Liberal Missisquoi, Quebec 1887.02.22
Cleary, Bernard Bloc Québécois Louis-Saint-Laurent, Quebec 2004.06.28
Cleary, Ryan New Democratic Party St. John's South--Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador 2011.05.02
Cleaver, Hughes Liberal Halton, Ontario 1935.10.14
Clement, Tony Conservative Parry Sound--Muskoka, Ontario 2006.01.23
Clements, Herbert Sylvester Conservative (1867-1942) Kent West, Ontario 1904.11.03
Clermont, Gaston Liberal Labelle, Quebec 1960.10.31
Cleveland, Clarence Chester Conservative (1867-1942) Richmond--Wolfe, Quebec 1891.03.05
Clifford, Lawson Omar Liberal Ontario South, Ontario 1921.12.06
Clifford, Terrence (Terry) Progressive Conservative London--Middlesex, Ontario 1984.09.04
Clinch, J. Roger Progressive Conservative Gloucester, New Brunswick 1984.09.04
Clouthier, Hector Daniel (Hec) Liberal Renfrew--Nipissing--Pembroke, Ontario 1997.06.02
Cloutier, Armand Liberal Drummond--Arthabaska, Quebec 1940.03.26
Clunis, Sidney LeRoi Liberal Kent, Ontario 1962.06.18
Cluxton, William Conservative (1867-1942) Peterborough West, Ontario 1872.10.12
Coady, Siobhan Liberal St. John's South--Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador 2008.10.14
Coates, Robert Carman Progressive Conservative Cumberland, Nova Scotia 1957.06.10
Coatsworth, Emerson Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto East, Ontario 1891.03.05
Cobbe, Gerald Richard Liberal Portage, Manitoba 1968.06.25
Cochrane, Dennis H. Progressive Conservative Moncton, New Brunswick 1984.09.04
Cochrane, Edward Conservative (1867-1942) Northumberland East, Ontario 1882.06.20
Cochrane, Francis Conservative (1867-1942) Nipissing, Ontario 1911.11.08
Cochrane, Kenneth Judson Liberal Cumberland, Nova Scotia 1935.10.14
Cockburn, Alexander Peter Liberal Muskoka, Ontario 1872.10.12
Cockburn, George Ralph Richardson Conservative (1867-1942) Toronto Centre, Ontario 1887.02.22
Cockburn, James Conservative (1867-1942) Northumberland West, Ontario 1867.09.20
Cockeram, Alan National Government York South, Ontario 1940.03.26
Cockshutt, William Foster Conservative (1867-1942) Brantford, Ontario 1904.11.03
Code, Desmond Morton Progressive Conservative Lanark, Ontario 1965.11.08
Coderre, Denis Liberal Bourassa, Quebec 1997.06.02
Coderre, Louis Conservative (1867-1942) Hochelaga, Quebec 1911.09.21
Coffin, Thomas Anti-Confederate Shelburne, Nova Scotia 1867.09.20
Cohen, Elizabeth Shaughnessy Liberal Windsor--St. Clair, Ontario 1993.10.25
Colby, Charles Carroll Liberal-Conservative Stanstead, Quebec 1867.09.20
Coldwell, Major James William Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.) Rosetown--Biggar, Saskatchewan 1935.10.14
Cole, John Progressive Conservative York--Simcoe, Ontario 1988.11.21
Collenette, David Michael Liberal York East, Ontario 1974.07.08
Collins, A.B. (Bernie) Liberal Souris--Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan 1993.10.25
Collins, Mary Progressive Conservative Capilano, British Columbia 1984.09.04
Colter, Charles Wesley Liberal Haldimand, Ontario 1886.09.08
Colter, Newton Ramsay Liberal Carleton, New Brunswick 1891.03.05
Comartin, Joe New Democratic Party Windsor--St. Clair, Ontario 2000.11.27
Comeau, Gerald J. Progressive Conservative South West Nova, Nova Scotia 1984.09.04
Comeau, Louis-Roland Progressive Conservative South Western Nova, Nova Scotia 1968.06.25
Comstock, William Henry Liberal Brockville, Ontario 1899.04.20
Comtois, Joseph-Roland Liberal Joliette--l'Assomption--Montcalm, Quebec 1965.11.08
Comtois, Paul Progressive Conservative Nicolet--Yamaska, Quebec 1957.06.10
Comuzzi, Joseph R. (Joe) Liberal Thunder Bay--Nipigon, Ontario 1988.11.21
Conacher, Lionel Pretoria Liberal Trinity, Ontario 1949.06.27
Condon, Joseph Lawrence (Larry) Liberal Middlesex--London--Lambton, Ontario 1974.07.08
Congdon, Frederick Tennyson Liberal Yukon, Yukon 1908.10.26
Conmee, James Liberal Thunder Bay and Rainy River, Ontario 1904.11.03
Connell, Charles Liberal Carleton, New Brunswick 1867.09.20
Connell, George Heber Independent Carleton, New Brunswick 1878.09.17
Cook, Charles Henry (Chuck) Progressive Conservative North Vancouver--Burnaby, British Columbia 1979.05.22
Cook, Herman Henry Liberal Simcoe North, Ontario 1872.10.12
Cook, Jean-Paul Social Credit Montmagny--l'Islet, Quebec 1962.06.18
Cooper, Albert Glen Progressive Conservative Peace River, Alberta 1980.02.18
Cooper, Clarence Owen Progressive Conservative Rosetown--Biggar, Saskatchewan 1958.03.31
Cooper, George Thomas Hendery Progressive Conservative Halifax, Nova Scotia 1979.05.22
Cooper, Michael Conservative St. Albert--Edmonton, Alberta 2015.10.19
Cooper, Richard Clive Unionist Vancouver South, British Columbia 1917.12.17
Coote, George Gibson Progressive Macleod, Alberta 1921.12.06
Copp, Albert James Smith Liberal Digby, Nova Scotia 1896.06.23
Copp, Arthur Bliss Liberal Westmorland, New Brunswick 1915.02.01
Copps, Sheila Maureen Liberal Hamilton East, Ontario 1984.09.04
Corbeil, Jean Progressive Conservative Anjou--Rivière-des-Prairies, Quebec 1988.11.21
Corbett, Robert Alfred Progressive Conservative Fundy--Royal, New Brunswick 1978.10.16
Corbin, Eymard G. Liberal Madawaska--Victoria, New Brunswick 1968.06.25
Corbould, Gordon Edward Conservative (1867-1942) New Westminster, British Columbia 1890.06.19
Corby, Henry Conservative (1867-1942) Hastings West, Ontario 1888.03.17
Corman, Ellis Hopkins Liberal Wentworth, Ontario 1940.03.26
Cormier, Maximilien Dominic (Maxime) Conservative (1867-1942) Restigouche--Madawaska, New Brunswick 1930.07.28
Cormier, Serge Liberal Acadie--Bathurst, New Brunswick 2015.10.19
Corriveau, Léopold Liberal Frontenac, Quebec 1970.11.16
Corry, James Neilson Liberal Perth, Ontario 1949.06.27
Cosgrove, Paul James Liberal York--Scarborough, Ontario 1980.02.18
Cossitt, Jennifer Progressive Conservative Leeds--Grenville, Ontario 1982.10.12
Cossitt, Thomas Charles Progressive Conservative Leeds, Ontario 1972.10.30
Costigan, John Liberal-Conservative Victoria, New Brunswick 1867.09.20
Côté, Alcide Liberal Saint-Jean--Iberville--Napierville, Quebec 1945.06.11
Côté, Antoine-Philéas Independent Liberal Matapédia--Matane, Quebec 1945.06.11
Côté, Clément M. Progressive Conservative Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec 1984.09.04
Côté, Eva Lachance Liberal Rimouski, Quebec 1980.02.18
Côté, Florian Liberal Nicolet--Yamaska, Quebec 1966.09.19
Côté, Gustave Liberal Dorchester, Quebec 1965.11.08
Côté, Guy Bloc Québécois Portneuf, Quebec 2004.06.28
Côté, Joseph Julien Jean-Pierre Liberal Longueuil, Quebec 1963.04.08
Côté, Maurice Social Credit Chicoutimi, Quebec 1962.06.18
Côté, Michel Progressive Conservative Langelier, Quebec 1984.09.04
Côté, Paul-Émile Liberal Verdun, Quebec 1940.03.26
Côté, Pierre-Émile Liberal Bonaventure, Quebec 1937.03.22
Côté, Raymond New Democratic Party Beauport--Limoilou, Quebec 2011.05.02
Côté, Yvon Progressive Conservative Richmond--Wolfe, Quebec 1988.11.21
Cotler, Irwin Liberal Mount Royal, Quebec 1999.11.15
Cotnam, Ira Delbert Conservative (1867-1942) Renfrew North, Ontario 1925.10.29
Coughlin, Timothy Liberal-Conservative Middlesex North, Ontario 1878.09.17
Coulombe, Charles Jérémie Conservative (1867-1942) Maskinongé, Quebec 1887.02.22
McInnes, William Wallace Burns Liberal Vancouver, British Columbia 1896.06.23
McIntosh, Cameron Ross Liberal North Battleford, Saskatchewan 1925.10.29
McIntosh, John Conservative (1867-1942) Sherbrooke (Town of), Quebec 1900.01.25
McIntosh, John (Jack) Progressive Conservative Swift Current--Maple Creek, Saskatchewan 1958.03.31
McIntosh, John Charles Unionist Nanaimo, British Columbia 1917.12.17
McIntyre, Gilbert Howard Liberal Perth South, Ontario 1904.11.03
McIntyre, Peter Adolphus Liberal King's County, Prince Edward Island 1874.01.22
McIntyre, Wilbert Liberal Strathcona, Alberta 1906.04.05
McIsaac, Angus Liberal Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1873.12.20
McIsaac, Colin Francis Liberal Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1895.04.17
McIsaac, James Unionist Kings, Prince Edward Island 1917.12.17
McIsaac, Joseph Clifford Liberal Battleford--Kindersley, Saskatchewan 1974.07.08
McIvor, Daniel (Dan) Liberal Fort William, Ontario 1935.10.14
McKay, Alexander Conservative (1867-1942) Hamilton, Ontario 1887.02.22
McKay, Angus Conservative (1867-1942) Marquette, Manitoba 1871.03.02
McKay, Eric Bowness Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)