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NamePolitical Affiliation (Current)Senatorial Designation / Province or TerritoryAppointed on the advice ofTerm (
Cools, Anne C. Independent Toronto Centre -York, Ontario Trudeau, Pierre Elliott 1984.01.13 -
Furey, George J. Independent Newfoundland and Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean 1999.08.11 -
Sibbeston, Nick G. Independent Northwest Territories, Northwest Territories Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean 1999.09.02 -
Ringuette, Pierrette Independent New Brunswick, New Brunswick Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean 2002.12.12 -
McCoy, Elaine Independent Alberta, Alberta Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe 2005.03.24 -
Mitchell, Grant Independent Alberta, Alberta Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe 2005.03.24 -
Campbell, Larry W. Independent British Columbia, British Columbia Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe 2005.08.02 -
Duffy, Michael Independent Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island Harper, Stephen 2009.01.02 -
Rivard, Michel Independent The Laurentides, Quebec Harper, Stephen 2009.01.02 -
Wallace, John D. Independent Rothesay, New Brunswick Harper, Stephen 2009.01.02 -
Wallin, Pamela Independent Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Harper, Stephen 2009.01.02 -
Brazeau, Patrick Independent Repentigny, Quebec Harper, Stephen 2009.01.08 -
Demers, Jacques Independent Rigaud, Quebec Harper, Stephen 2009.08.27 -
Boisvenu, Pierre-Hugues Independent La Salle, Quebec Harper, Stephen 2010.01.29 -
Meredith, Don Independent Ontario, Ontario Harper, Stephen 2010.12.18 -

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